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Food Review: Gu Ma Jia Restaurant (姑妈家) New Dishes on Menu

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Lately, I revisited Gu Ma Jia Restaurant and tried their new dishes; the Lemongrass Chicken Ginger Soup (Gu Ma's Ubin Secret Recipe) and Ginger Lemongrass Tea, together with some of their other dishes.

If you read my earlier posts on Gu Ma Jia Restaurant, you will know that I am a fan of Gu Ma Jia Restaurant and I love their home-cooked style.

When I am at Gu Ma Jia, I always have their Vinegar Enzyme Drink (S$4.80).
The drink is cooling and refreshing with a slight hint of sourness. Other than having a nice taste, this drink also has health benefits as the enzymes can help our body to better digest food and absorb nutrients.

Vinegar Enzyme Drink is self-prepared at Gu Ma Jia Restaurant with apple, pear and papaya. They always leave it to ferment for at least 3 months before serving to customers. Every bottle is dated according to their fermentation date.

The Lemongrass Ginger Chicken Soup (S$20).
This kampong-style traditional chicken soup recipe is from Gu Ma's home town of Pulau Ubin and has various health benefits.

 Containing many essential vitamins such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B5 B6 and vitamin C, it helps to lower harmful cholesterol and increases cellular skin health. The soup energizes the appetite while keeping the tummy absolutely satisfied. Lemongrass provides relief of stomach discomfort and disorders, and aids in detoxification. Ginger in the soup adds to the anti-inflammatory properties and increases body circulation.

There was no artificial flavour added to the soup, hence the chicken was drizzled with some sesame oil and light seasoning.

The chicken meat was soft and tender. It was so fresh that the meat separated easily from the bones and melts in my mouth. The soup itself was light and had the lemongrass and ginger taste, which made the soup refreshing but not spicy or pungent at all.

This new drink, Ginger Lemongrass Tea (S$2.50).
Gu Ma Jia's Lemongrass Ginger Tea is able to help expel toxins and improve metabolism.

Ginger helps to relieve nausea, digestive discomfort, stomach cramps, and reduce joint and muscle pain internally and topically. Ginger also protects the liver, stomach and stimulates the heart and circulatory systems. Most importantly, it prevents the body from being susceptible to the common flu bug!

This is their Assam Beehoon Crab (seasonal price).

I love, love, love Gu Ma Jia Restaurant's crab dishes as their crabs are always huge and fresh!
This Assam Beehoon was slightly on the spicy note, so for people who can't take chilli, you might want to prepare icy drink or ask for their Vinegar Enzyme Drink to tone down on the spiciness level. If you love spicy food, you will definitely enjoy the shiok-ness of the fresh crab meat and the spice!

Another of their new dish is the Sliced Ginger Fried Chicken (price is not on menu yet).

This fried chicken was so delicious that it made me craved for more! Even their sliced ginger in this dish tasted like fried chips! This dish goes well with cold beer. Highly recommend everyone to try this!

Another dish that amazed me was this Homemade Yam Ring with Pork Ribs (S$30).
Everything in this dish, from the yam ring to the pork ribs tasted so heavenly!

The yam ring had a crispy crust yet soft in the inside. It had the natural yam taste but not cloying at all! If you enjoy eating yam, you will surely enjoy this dish as much as I do.
The pork ribs were also satisfying! It tasted like honey pork ribs cooked in Chinese style and the meat was so tender and huge. (I am starting to salivate as I am typing this already!)

A meal is never balance and complete without some vegetables, right?

However, if you are not a vegetable lover, you will be surprised by the taste of these 2 dishes.

The Crispy Bean-Jal (S$12, S$18, S$24).

Slices of brinjal were lightly tossed in sweet marmite sauce and then stir fried with French beans to create this delightful combination. The brinjal was sweet in taste and it's like mock meat! Super delicious!

The Kai Lan 2 Styles (Yuan Yang)(S$12, S$18, S$24).

This dish features Kai Lan vegetables cooked in two styles, blanched and fried. The crispy leaves tasted like seaweed paired together with the crunchy Kai Lan stems making this dish a huge favourite of mine.

Ending off the meal with desserts, we had Vinegar Enzyme Jelly (S$5.80) and Black Glutinous Rice with Ice Cream (S$4.80).

The Vingear Enzyme Jelly tasted cooling in the mouth with a combination of the sweet and sour taste, definitely a suitable dessert after a satisfying meal.

Cold ice-cream mixed with hot dessert. I love their glutinous rice dessert as it was not too sweet. It was also an interesting blend with the vanilla ice-cream which replaced the coconut milk for a healthier dessert.

Address: 45 Tai Thong Crescent Singapore 347866 
 Phone: 6285 2023 

 Enjoy your meals at Gu Ma Jia Restaurant!

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