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Review: Reveal a Secret (RAS) Blackhead Clear

Hi lovelies,

I believe everyone suffered from blackhead trouble before, am I right?

In my opinion, I think that it is really difficult not to have blackheads considering that our pores get clogged easily due to reasons like environment, skin condition, makeup and stuffs applied on our skin etc. They all contribute one way or another to formation of blackheads in our pores.

But now, what can we do when we have blackheads?
Options are numerous, use a blackhead peel mask, pick on it yourself (which I seriously don't encourage but sometimes I also do it), go for facial extraction, use clay mask to absorb excess sebum, and the list goes on.

This beauty game is now going up another level with our Singapore home-grown brand introducing this Black Magic blackheads clearing gel.

The company sponsored me this product and I am going to share my honest review here.

The press kit that they prepared was adorable and reminded me of my kiddo days when I really enjoyed and loved colouring a lot.

The packaging of the product is simplistic and allows us to express our creativity if we will like to colour the specially designed cylindrical box.

This product is made from natural plant-based active ingredients that aim to improve one’s skin when used as part of the daily skincare regime. The continued usage of this product promises to get rid of all the little blackheads and deliver a beautiful and clear complexion. Is it really that effective? Well, read on.

Let us find out about the ingredients in this product. 
There are a few key ingredients in this product.
Witch Hazel extract, a key ingredient in this product helps to get rid of oil and impurities, help ease redness and irritation. Tea Tree Oil and Lemon extract are added into the mix to soothe and minimise pores size. This unique blend also acts as a natural exfoliant that gently eliminates and prevents blackheads and whiteheads from appearing again, giving you the magical confidence and glow of a fresh new face.

How to Use: 
Use after cleansing and toning 
Apply directly on affected areas 
No rinsing required 
For best results, use day and night

How about the texture of this product?

My thoughts:
This product comes in a gel form that is lightweight and easy to spread across the whole skin. 
There is a minty scent and cooling sensation which I believe is due to the Witch Hazel Extract and the Tea Tree Oil.
It takes a while for product to be completely absorbed by the skin, so applying a small amount/thin layer over the skin would be sufficient. After application, it acts like a layer of shield over the applied area and it helps to keep the area matte and sebum-free.
I will not suggest applying this product to the whole face but only on areas which tend to produce excess sebum like the T-zone or on areas that have higher tendency of blackheads formation or apply over acne concerns.
With the lemon extract in this product, I do see slight brightening of skin after application.
Personally, I will not apply this product to prevent blackhead formation but use it as an acne clear or when I noticed that there is a swelling acne bump under my skin. This product works to clear acne but it takes about average 3 days for me for the acne to clear, and the lemon extract also helps to lighten acne pigment marks on the skin.
Another point that I like about this product is that it is paraben-free and it does not contain artificial fragrance and colourant.

My rating: 4/5

Retail price: S$29.00

RAS Black Magic blackheads clearing gel is available at all Sa Sa outlets in Singapore, RAS’ facebook page as well as online store which ships worldwide. 

For more information on RAS, kindly visit


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