Sunday, March 26, 2017

Food Review: Café flo (Food Lovers Only) (HALAL-certified) @ IMM

Hi lovelies,

I visited flo (food lovers only) last week with my sisters. It has been a while since all of us are free to eat out together.

Café flo is a halal-certified, casual dining café at IMM that features a melting pot of cuisines.
The best part, Café flo does NOT charge you service charge or GST!
They also have game sets available for free loan, so this café is like a casual hangout venue for families, couples and friends.
Café flo is open daily from 11am to 10pm.

For starters, we had Tomato Bruschetta (S$7) and Mushroom Soup served with Garlic Bread (S$8).

Chilled marinated tomatoes with garlic infused ciabatta bread that was buttery in flavor and suited our taste buds.

Mushroom soup was creamy in taste but a little watery in texture, so we found that the best way to enjoy this dish is to dip the garlic bread into the mushroom soup! We do hope there can be chunkier mushroom bits in it.

For mains, we had their Korean Chicken Croissant (S$17), Korean Beef Pasta (S$17), flo's Rosti Special (S$15) and Korean Inspired Marinated Chicken (S$16).

This Korean Chicken Croissant is one of my favorite dishes! 
Freshly baked croissant, crispy in texture and filled with generous ingredients; chicken, kimchi, spinach, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese. All the flavors went well together, it was a perfect blend!
The chilled mashed potato as the side was refreshing and there were potato bits in it to give it an additional texture, thumbs up!

Spaghetti, beef, kimchi and parmesan cheese. This dish is a Western and Korean fusion.
The taste is like a toned down version of the fiery Korean noodle, so you get the spiciness from this dish but it does not give your tongue the immediate burning, numbing sensation. Other than the slightly tough beef, everything else was fantastic!

The flo's Rosti Special is made of freshly grated potato (made-to-order), rocket salad, egg (scramble or sunny side up), marinated chicken slices and sour cream with chives dip on the side.
I love the runny eggs and the chilled marinated chicken but I would prefer the Rosti to be pan fried a little longer.

If you love the taste of Kimchi or anything with Kimchi, you will definitely love this dish! 
The Korean inspired marinated chicken was cooked to perfection with amazing taste and texture.
Served with myeolchi bookkeum (Spicy Dried Anchovies coated with caramelized sugar) and Kimchi fried brown rice, they complement this dish very well. For people who do not like brown rice, be prepared to change your mind! This is definitely my favorite dish and I highly recommend everyone to try this!

We also had their caffeine-free Iced Butterscotch Roasted Almond Latte (S$7) which is an average tasting beverage. If you need caffeine to kick start your engine, I recommend you to try their Macchiato (S$4.50) which is made with good quality coffee beans.

For desserts, we shared their Bountiful Choco-Brownie (S$14.50), Chocolate Pear Caramel (S$6.50), Chendol Layer Cake (S$6.50) and Ondeh Ondeh Cake (S$6.50).

You surely have to get this at Café flo! I will give this 5/5 stars!
The dessert is made with quality ingredients and you get premium vanilla bean in the vanilla Gelato. The waffles were freshly baked and made to be crispy on the exterior with fluffy interior, the texture is really awesome! You also get choco-brownie with maple sauce, shaved chocolate (good quality milk chocolate) and thick chocolate sauce at the side. 
Oh no... I'm salivating already!

We wanted to try some special, unique cakes too.

This Chocolate Pear Caramel cake has caramelized pear slices on the top which gives it a sweet taste yet we can still taste the pear's flavor. Other than the creamy topping, we really like the dense chocolate cake which is chocolatey but not too overpowering in taste.  

This Chendol Layer Cake is an interesting cake as you get to taste the authentic chendol flavor with gula melaka, coconut and red beans. Very nice!

This cake has the taste of ondeh-ondeh with coconut bits, pandan flavor and gula melaka. This cake is very interesting but I still prefer to eat the real ondeh-ondeh and have the gula melaka sauce burst in my mouth.

Location: IMM 2 Jurong East Street 21 #02-15A Singapore 609601 
Open hours: 11am to 10pm daily 
Contact number: 6896 1396 

Get your tummy satisfied at Café flo!


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