Sunday, February 12, 2017

Review: Klarity Aesthetics The Immortal Elixir and Giveaway

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In today's post, I am going to share my review on this new product by Klarity Aesthetics called The Immortal Elixir.

By the term "immortal elixir", I guess many of you would interpret this product to be an anti-ageing, youth-retaining miracle, which is not totally wrong but there are more to the efficacy of this product than just anti-ageing.

The Immortal Elixir is actually a multi-efficacy product providing 10 benefits in one:
Instant lifting
Cell rejuvenation
Skin clarity
Minimise pores
24 hours moisture and hydration
Skin renewal

If you are wondering, is it really possible for a product to do so much? Then you have to check out the amazing ingredients in this product!

Salvia Hispanc Seed Extract (Chia):
It has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties with high omega 3 fatty acid content to provide long-lasting hydration and combat acne and wrinkles.

Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract:
It soothes the skin and helps to heal burns and eczema. It also provides tightening and lifting effect and improve the staying power of makeup up to 8 hours.

 Plankton Extract:
It blocks out ultraviolet light and helps protect the skin against UV rays. Vitamin B present in plankton extract acts as antioxidant which reduce free radical damage to the skin. It is also high in omega 3 fatty acid.

It helps to reduce hyper-pigmentation and increases the amount of free fatty acids in the skin, retaining its water content and restoring hydration level of the skin.

It increases cell activity for skin rejuvenation and improves skin elasticity. It also helps to improve the blood circulation within the skin layers.

Application of The Immortal Elixir:
Application is really easy as it is spray on and it comes in the form of mist that absorbs almost instantly by the skin.

Before I start using The Immortal Elixir, I have skin concerns like acne, redness and open pores. I don't have very good skin but I would say that I am fortunate to come across this product as I noticed the gradual improvement of my skin after usage.

After using The Immortal Elixir for 10 days, applying twice a day, the first most immediate result I got was skin hydration and my pores were visibly smaller. As the days went by, my skin redness reduced, my skin was more calm and even toned, and gradually, my acne breakout started to be in control. I still have clogged pores which I would need to go for facial extraction to clear up those deeper clogs but I believe with continual usage of The Immortal Elixir, I can look forward to an improved skin. 

You can also find out more information and read others' reviews through the links provided below.

Klarity Aesthetics – The Immortal Elixir Facebook page

My rating: 5/5


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