Sunday, November 6, 2016

Food Review: Coco ICHIBANYA at Raffles City

Hi lovelies,

Coco ICHIBANYA recently opened their another outlet at Raffles City, and my sister and I had a meal there. 

I've tasted the food at Coco ICHIBANYA before and they are famous for their Japanese curry rice but of course, they have many more fantastic tasting dishes. Read our reviews on the dishes we had at Coco ICHIBANYA, Raffles City.

I love the ambiance at Coco ICHIBANYA, Raffles City outlet as it is so comfortable and welcoming.

Their Unagi Curry Rice set meal is on promotion, so I had their Scrambled Egg Unagi which comes with a drink of Ice Lemon Tea/Ice Green Tea and salad ($22.90).

On every table, there is a jar of pickles and I love their pickles!

Our drinks and salad came first. 

My sister had Hot Matcha Latte ($3.50) which was milky, smooth and soothing with a strong taste of Matcha. Both of us love this drink very much and yes, we highly recommend it!

I had Ice Lemon Tea which tasted like authentic brew tea with slices of lemon, and sugar came in a small jar for us to decide the level of sweetness we would like.

The bowl of fresh salad came with flavorful sauce, and the sauce which made us go for the veggies one mouth after the other. Yummy!

Next came our Seafood basket ($12.90).

In the basket, there were fried gyōza, mackerels, prawns and calamaris. The seafood tasted very fresh and matched well with the dipping sauce. This dish was a great snack!

Next was my Scrambed Egg Unagi! 

This dish was amazingly delicious! The runny scrambled egg prepared just how I like my scrambled egg to be, perfect! I chose level 1 curry, which was gentle in spiciness but very addictive when having it together with the rice and scrambled egg, making the whole dish tasted so yummy. The unagi was also well cooked with the BBQ sauce. Highly recommend it, must have dish!

We also had the Grilled Squid with Mayonnaise ($4.00)! 
I always order this when I dine at Coco ICHIBANYA because I love it!

The squid is a little small but it does not compromise on the taste. We love the soft and chewy tenderness of the grilled squid and the lightly torched mayonnaise made the dish amazing! We love it that the squid was not heavily seasoned and we could taste the original goodness of the squid.

We also had their Wagyu Beef Steak (S$10).

We love this dish very much! Not only is it reasonable in price, it was also satisfying to the taste buds.
The Wagyu Beef was very fresh and tender, and the portion of meat and fats in each slice were just right. The beef melts in our mouths and we could taste its natural sweetness. Another highly recommend dish!

This were all that we had initially but my sister remembered seeing that they had scallop curry on offer, so we ordered a bowl of scallop curry without rice.

Our scallop curry ($5). 

The scallops were so fresh and good! Although there was curry but we could still taste the natural freshness of the scallop. Amazing dish!

We also had their Fries with Curry ($3.90).

This was a special blend of curry, not like the curry we had for our curry rice. This curry was a little more spicy but matched well with their huge fries. Their fries were crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside yet not too oily at all.

The last dish we had was a dessert and we shared a slice of the Matcha Cheese Cake ($4.80).

The top layer tasted like milk pudding, second layer was sweet Azuki beans and the third layer was the slight bitterness of the Matcha. Every mouth was a mix of flavors that made us kept reaching for more. Must have!

Our rating for the ambiance and food at Coco ICHIBANYA: 5/5

We love the food and the ambiance, and the place was not too crowded or noisy. 
We enjoyed our peaceful dinner at Coco ICHIBANYA at Raffles City, a highly recommend place to dine.


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