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Travel to LEGOLAND Malaysia Theme Park

Hi lovelies,

Any LEGO fans here? Hands in the air for me!

I remember when I was young, I was easily fascinated by the beauty of LEGO bricks, small in size but never fail to build into many wonders. I remember using LEGO bricks to build into animals and create my personalized Zoo. Childhood memories... :)

And I finally made the trip to LEGOLAND!!!

If you are a LEGO fan too, I am sure you will love LEGOLAND Theme Park!

Got our tickets and ready to rush walk into LEGOLAND!.

LEGOLAND Theme Park is break up into various Themed sections:
1) The Beginning 
2) Mini Land
3) LEGO City
4) Land of Adventure
5) Imagination
6) LEGO Kingdoms
7) LEGO Technic

Our first stop was to visit The Big Shop.
We decided to check out the LEGO sets available first since it is situated near the entrance/exit, and before the Theme Park closes, we planned to quickly grab what we want, pay and exit.

Other than browsing through the wide range of LEGO sets, we did some monkeying as well. Haha.

Small-sized trolley for children to do their shopping!
Fight the villain Croc!
The Big Shop is also a cooling, air-conditioned place for adults to shade from the hot sun and for kids to have endless LEGO fun for free!
Who is the Boss Uncle?
While at LEGOLAND, we spotted some Christmas Decorations and Set ups such as trees with snow, specially for the Christmas season! I believe we might not see them if not for Christmas.

Build a Snowman or Santa Clause. LEGO bricks provided.
A gigantic Christmas Tree made up fully by LEGO bricks! Very impressive!
Day view.
Evening view.
We encountered a heavy storm while we were having lunch with light drizzling after. 
Unfortunately, the weather caused some rides to be closed down for safety precautions. 
It was sad but our spirits were not dampened by the weather as there were sufficient activities at LEGOLAND to keep us occupied and entertained the whole day.

Speaking of lunch, we had ours at Market Restaurant.

My sister decided to order Kids Meal RM18 which comprises of a main dish (my sister chose Macaroni Cheese), a dessert (fruits or pudding) and a bottle of Ribena.

Macaroni Cheese had very generous portion of melted cheese, and the taste was scrumptious! Definitely a mouth-watering dish for both of us!

I had Roasted Chicken served with Soup (Mushroom Soup) and a Bottled drink (of your choice) RM32.

There was a choice of BBQ sauce or Mushroom sauce, and I requested for both. After trying, BBQ sauce was too salty for my taste buds, Mushroom sauce would be my preferred choice.

For the adult meal, other than the tasteless vegetables, everything else was really delicious!

Have you kids not try boating and driving in your their life, you kids can try them at LEGOLAND!

And of course, we can't miss out on some fun, adrenaline-rushing, cold-hands rides at LEGOLAND.

I am a scary cat, a faint-hearted person, so before we try anything that would make my knees turn jelly, we decided to try more manageable rides first.

This is the Kids Power Tower in which we had to pull ourselves up, view the scenery from a height, then let go and slide down. It was simple and fun. 
This is the Technic Twister aka Spinning Cups. Luckily we got to control how fast the cup spins.
Before a roller coaster ride, we tried a ground ride first. This is the Merlin's Challenge, a high speed carousel.
Before conquering a big roller coaster, we tried a small roller coaster first aka the Dragon's Apprentice. I actually refused to go on it but my sister kept encouraging me and I gave in in the end. We took the ride and you guess who screamed the loudest? 

With some courage from the Dragon's Apprentice, we moved on to conquer The Dragon!
The Dragon first took us through a tunnel, back to the Middle Ages all made with LEGO bricks, a magnificent view inside before we exist and escalate the roller coaster track, then The Dragon took a plunge, followed by a lot of ups and downs, and twists and turns at fast speed. My hands went cold and my legs turned jelly...

We wanted to try out Dino Island and the Lost Kingdom Adventure but the rides were closed due to wet weather.

The last ride that we took was Project X
I am glad we put this last because it surely gives the thrill and the adrenaline rush but it made me scream too much. It was 18 metres high and a wild ride.

Other than rides, there were other attractions, like the LEGO Studios, with 4-D features (Wind, Smoke, Water, Bubbles) and it's air-conditioned inside.

There is also LEGO Star Wars MINILAND. A new indoor experience, fully air-conditioned and showcases over 2,000 well-known LEGO Star Wars™ models and iconic scenes from all six episodes and the Star Wars™: The Clone Wars™ animated series.

The animated show was hilarious and entertaining, a definite must-watch.

Sharing some photos taken at LEGO Star Wars Miniland. Feast your eyes!
But nothing beats being there physically as the exhibitions are interactive with movement, light and sound effects.

Moving on, we saw this huge Albert Einstein sculpture and it was so well-made. This is one of my favourite sculptures seen at LEGOLAND.

Another not to be missed includes the MINILAND, featuring famous landmarks and architectures in Asia. I am really amazed by how they managed to create all these using only the small LEGO bricks. 

Check out  Singapore!

Check out other countries! 
The photos shown are not exhaustive of what were exhibited at MINILAND.

We also visited the World's Largest LEGOLAND Water Park.

I discovered this fun Body Dryer situated at various locations in LEGOLAND. It felt as though you put yourself through a strong hand dryer, only for RM10.

No place to keep your shoes? Fear not!
You can easily find Shoe Rack in various parts of the Water Park.

This is the Build-A-Raft River. Show your creativity time!

I love going to the playground below my house when I was young, and it was like reliving the childhood playground moments again, except it being a Water playground
I love the slides the most!

If the slides from the water playground cannot satisfy the desire for more thrills, visit the bigger slides!

There are more places of fun for children at the Water Park, like the DUPLO Splash Safari, Boat Race (by building your own boat), Imagination Station etc..

My sister and I had too much fun that day at LEGOLAND Malaysia Theme Park.
This is an excellent place to visit for all LEGO lovers, and a safe place of fun and learning for all children.

Find out more about LEGOLAND and how to get there from this website:

Plan for your trip to LEGOLAND Malaysia Theme Park before the Christmas and Star Wars Seasons are over! Have fun!

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