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Depend 3-step Nail Care Range Review

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In this post, I am going to share 3 cuticle care products. Nail care is actually a grooming essential, however, many people often ignored the importance of nail care. Having a healthy set of nails is essential in leaving a good first impression and allows maximum mileage for every medicure session visit.

The Depend 3-step Nail Care Range consists of 3 products, namely the Depend Nail and Cuticle Cleanser, Depend Myrrh Oil, and Depend Cuticle Cream.

1. Depend Nail and Cuticle Cleanser (Step 1) - S$6.90
Like our face, to achieve maximum benefits from any facial products, we must first get rid of dead skin through exfoliation. Depend Nail and Cuticle Cleanser acts as an exfoliator to your nails by removing dead skin cells which, at the same time, promotes better absorption of oxygen and nutrients. It not only increases cell renewal and regeneration it also aids in smoothing out nail surface which allows easy nail polish application.

This nail and cuticle cleanser helps to soften and nourish my cuticles when left on the cuticle and nail root areas. The cleanser comes with tiny grainy particles to gentle exfoliate the dead skin and when rinsed off with warm water, it leaves my cuticle area soft and smooth, giving my skin and nails the healthy appearance. Application of the cleanser is easy with the sturdy brush and there is no alcohol or irritating smell. I had a pleasant experience using this nail and cuticle cleanser. 

2. Depend Myrrh Oil (Step 2) - S$7.90
Myrrh Oil has a long history of medical use and wound-healing properties for thousands of years. Depend saw the potential of Myrrh Oil and enriched it with Vitamin E and Almond Oil. Depend Myrrh Oil provides intensive care to the nails – causing it to be more hydrated and less prone to breaking and peeling.

I personally have dry nails and dry skin around the nails, and they are different to take care when my hands are wet or when I stay in air-conditioned room for long hours, causing my nails and skin to dry up and some times crack and peel. But now, I have my solution with Depend Myrrh Oil and I'm amazed that the oil isn't greasy at all, it feels light-weight on my skin and it helps to hydrate my skin and nourish my nails. Application is easy and it is comfortable as it feels almost weightless on my nails and skin, and I love the light tangy scent that is not overpowering at all. This is definitely one of my favourite product in this Depend nail care range.

3. Depend Cuticle Cream (Step 3) - S$6.90
Depend Cuticle Cream sets to end off the whole range with a soft and gentle touch. By applying it on your cuticle, you provide a direct pump of necessary nutrients to your nails and giving it a smooth and hydrating finish. Depend Cuticle Cream is especially important for dry, damaged cuticles and hastens cell regeneration to give you a finer set of talons.

I only apply this cuticle cream at night as it is slightly creamier. It is definitely nourishing for my cuticles and nails, and the next morning, I am sure to see my cuticles and nail looking good, feeling comfortable and smooth to touch.

Take a look at the products, from left to right, consisting of the Nail & Cuticle Cleanser, the Myrrh Oil, and the Cuticle Cream, and each one of them complements one another to give us more beautiful looking cuticles and nails. The quality of these products are wonderful and the prices are attractive, they are value-for-money and great to stock up and use frequently.

These products are available in Watsons. They can also be purchased online at

Let's us all have healthy and beautiful nails and cuticles!

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