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Summer's Eve Feminine Care: Say YES to SEXY!

Hi ladies,

Do you know that your intimate area has to be properly cared for?
If you don't know, don't have to worry, let me share why and how you can better care for your intimate area.

Sometimes our intimate area (down there) feels uncomfortable, itchy, gives off unwanted secretions or make you feel off balance when not properly cared for, that's why it is important for us to care for our intimate area so that it feels clean and fresh throughout the day.

But...... hold on....... if you think that you can clean your intimate area with tap water or any other cleansing detergents, it's a no, no, NO!!! Because their pH values are unsuitable for cleansing your intimate area.

You don't want to use any product with unsuitable pH value because it can weaken our skin's natural defenses against bacterial infection and increase the risk of irritation. (Read more from the image above).

Then what product should we ladies use? Which brand can we trust?

I would recommend Summer's Eve because the company has a long history in feminine care industry and their products are tested extensively for mildness under the strict supervision of gynecologists and dermatologists before they are allowed to reach the hands of customers like you!

All Summer's Eve products are
1. Gynecologist tested
2. Allergy tested
3. pH-Balanced
4. Proven, professional care

Summer's Eve has the most comprehensive lines of feminine care products, from feminine washes, wipes, douches, powders, deodorant sprays, cleansing mist to hydrating jelly, they have a product to suit your every intimate need.

But, what are the uses of this extensive range of products?

Let me share more details with you.

1) Feminine Wash (Normal/Sensitive)

We can maintain good feminine hygiene by cleansing twice daily with Summer's Eve Feminine Wash.
This wash helps us to:
- Maintain optimum pH levels for a healthy vaginal environment
- Soap-free with moisturizing Lamesoft to prevent skin dryness and irritation
- Tested safe for daily use
- pH balanced, hypoallergenic
- Available in ultra-mild sensitive skin formula

2) Feminine Cleansing Wipes 

If you are always out and about, you can still freshen up on-the-go with allergy-tested cleansing wipes. These wipes are alcohol-free and it cleanse away external skin irritants that can cause intimate area discomfort. It is also suitable for mums to stay clean and fresh during post delivery recovery and confinement period.
What's good about this cleansing wipe?
- Individually packed for hygiene purpose
- Formulated with skin-soothing Aloe and Vitamin E
- Contain Neutresse to neutralize odor
- Tested as safe for daily use

3) Feminine Cleansing Mist

A quick spritz to cleanse the external of your intimate area to let you feel fresh and clean anytime, anywhere! The small and lightweight package designed allows you to slip this everyday essential into your purse for all-day confidence. 
What's good about this cleansing mist?
- Convenient travel-sized packaging
- Non-soap formula
- Non-aerosol pump allowing it to be sprayed at any angle
- Tested as safe for daily use
- Suitable for sensitive skin

4) Feminine Deodorant Spray

You can keep odor at bay with this lightly scented spray. It is also enriched with Neutresse to quickly and effectively neutralise odor, and formulated to soothe, protect and absorb moisture to help us stay fresh and comfy all day.
What's good about this spray?
 - Contains Neutresse to neutralize odor
- Contains natural cornstarch and baking soda to absorb moisture and prevent itching and chafing
- Formulated with Vitamin E
- 100% talc-free
- Tested as safe for daily use.

5) Disposable Douche

Cleanse from within with the premixed and ready-to-use douche. Use it after menstrual period or to cleanse away unwanted vaginal secretions. 
What's good about Douche?
- Premixed, pre-measured and ready-to-use, no assembly required
- Maintains optimum pH levels for healthy vaginal environment
- Clinically tested
- With Comfortip nozzle and flexible neck for easier, more comfortable use
Formulated with pharmaceutical grade water for purity

With a clean and fresh intimate area, we can be confident and say Yes to sexy!

Ladies, really, don't procrastinate or think that cleaning the intimate area is unimportant because in long term to come, you will surely see the benefits of a clean, uninfected vagina.

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