Saturday, June 27, 2015

Svenson Hair Treatment at Orchard International Building

Hi lovelies,

Some weeks back, I had an opportunity to try out a hair treatment at Svenson and would like to share my experience in this post.

When I was there, the place was crowded, there were many customers, and because of the confusion in my appointment booking, I waited 40 minutes before I was led into the consultation room.

In the consultation room, it was a series of Q&As with a Svenson Hair Consultant, asking me questions like my hair concerns, the hair products that I use, my diet, my sleeping hours and patterns, my stress level, my hormonal cycles, my lifestyle etc because I was told that everything that the body goes through and experience, would affect the hair growth and hair fall of a person. It was a long consultation session of about 25 minutes including the scanning of my scalp condition before I was led into another room for the hair treatment.

I was led into an individual treatment room which gives me more privacy as I go through the treatment.

I was then told that there was no available therapist at the moment and had to wait. Just when I was about to be upset with the time wasted in waiting again, one of the Hair Consultants (not the same Hair Consultant that went through the Q&A session with me just now) came in and gladly served me attentively instead of making me wait. I am delighted by her passion and care for customers. 

The hair treatment started with a scalp cleanse applied to my scalp section by section. I was told that there was peppermint ingredient in this product which helps to open up the scalp and gives detoxifying effect. I love the cooling sensation felt on my scalp 

After application of the scalp cleanse product, under the infra-red light, the Hair Consultant gave me a good head massage to increase blood circulation to the scalp to promote better hair growth. The massage provided by this Hair Consultant was impressive and I enjoyed it very much.

Next, I went through a 10 minutes head steaming process to cleanse the scalp of any unwanted waste and aid my scalp in the absorption of beneficial ingredients for hair growth.

After the steaming, Svenson's treatment therapist was back from her lunch and she took over in serving me for my hair treatment. I had a very bad experience with this therapist as she was rough with my hair and did every step quickly and in a rush, giving me the impression that she just wanted to get things quickly done and over with. I AM VERY UPSET with her service.

The therapist brought me into another room for double shampooing to wash off the scalp cleanse product, applied conditioner to my hair and rinsed off. She pulled off some strands of my hair in the washing process. HATE IT as it was painful on my scalp.

She then led me back into the treatment room for blow drying followed by the use of high frequency over my scalp. 

2 hair solutions were then applied to my scalp. One of the hair solutions was for cleansing of my scalp and the second solution was for promoting hair growth, followed by head massage again under infra-red light.

The last step was to blow my hair thoroughly dry and combing.

All done with and I'm glad to quickly leave the place. Very bad servicing experience at Svenson but no doubt that I love my clean scalp and smooth hair after the treatment.

Will I be back at this Svenson salon located at International Building? NO!!! But I won't mind trying out other Svenson outlets for the hair treatment.

That's all I have for this post. Thanks for reading.


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