Saturday, June 13, 2015

Glow Zone Laser Treatment at Simply Aesthetics Review

Hi lovelies,

Some weeks back, I visited Simply Aesthetics which is newly opened at CAPITOL PIAZZA and tried out their Glow Zone Laser Treatment, which is most commonly used for treating pores, pimples and pigmentation. This treatment is like an enhanced form of skin rejuvenation treatment.

When I was there, I was led into a room to change into their treatment gown. 
Upon stepping into the room, their LED light aqua bed immediately caught my attention. It was my first time experiencing an aqua bed in an aesthetics clinic but the aqua bed does helped to keep me warm throughout my treatment.

The aqua bed has LED lights which changes colours. I think it could be just for visual purpose but it's still cool to look at.

The whole procedure started off with cleansing of my makeup with a Cleansing Milk followed by a second cleansing with a Gel Cleanser. I would say that it was a thorough cleansing process followed by application of Toner and Cooling Gel over my skin before the shooting of low energy pulses of laser over my skin.

During the process, there was no experience of pain, just bearable heat over my face. 
There was also shades to shield my eyes from the laser light.

After the Glow Zone Laser Treatment, I am glad to notice brightening of my skin, with radiance exuding from my skin and my pores appeared slightly smaller as well. In a single treatment, I am excited to be able to note slight improvement to my skin imperfections.

There was no down time for this treatment. No redness or discomfort felt on my skin after the treatment, enabling me to resume routine activities immediately.

However, to see more long-lasting results like pore reduction, significant clarity, clearing of blemishes and reduction of wrinkles, more frequent treatments would be needed but it's surely worth trying out to improve skin imperfections.

Simply Aesthetics 
13 Stamford Road, 
#B1-28 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178905 

 Operating Hours:
Weekdays - 11am - 9pm 
Weekends and PH - 10am - 8pm 

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