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Fu Lin Men Dou Lao 福临门豆捞 Food Review

Hi lovelies,

Last week I dined at Fu Lin Men Dou Lao 福临门豆捞, a Live Seafood Steamboat Restaurant located along North Canal Road, centrally located in Singapore's CBD area.  

The word "豆捞" is actually a play sound of the word and means "都捞", signifying each individual scooping Wealth, Fortune and Treasure, into one's own plate and consume in.

Originating from Macau, the steamboat comes in Individual pot so that each and everyone can customize the soup base and ingredients to our own liking. We placed our orders through their iPads!

Fu Lin Men Dou Lao offers a total of 9 Soup bases
1) Ma-La Spicy Pot ($8) 
2) Secret Recipe Seafood Pot ($10) 
3) Bone Soup Pot ($10) 
4) Chinese Herbal Pot ($8) 
5) Mushroom Pot ($8) 
6) Chestnut Chicken Pot ($10) 
7) Tom Yam Soup ($8) 
8) Vegetarian ($8) 
9) Tomato Soup ($6)

I ordered their Chinese Herbal Pot ($8) which comeswith some herbs and 乌鸡 Wuji chicken.

My friend ordered the Bone Soup Pot ($10) which comes with a huge Pork bone.

At Fu Lin Men Dou Lao, we are allowed to customise our whole sauces. They have a wide range of sauces to satisfy our tastebuds, sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter, they have it all!

I had prawn paste with peanuts and a bit of everything but it tasted uniquely awesome!

Before I start to dig in, the restaurant kindly provided us with aprons. I love this thoughtfulness!

To start with something light and healthy, we had Cold Black Fungus Salad ($6), Assorted Vegetables ($12) and Assorted Mushroom (Consist of total 6 types of mushroom, $14).

I'm a lover of their Cold Black Fungus Salad. It was sweet with a little bit of spicy but it was crunchy and refreshing to my tastebuds.

Their vegetables and mushrooms were really fresh and good!

Coming up next was their Live Tiger Prawns ($18)
At Fu Lin Men Dou Lao, they had this awesome service of helping patrons to remove the prawn shells so that we don't dirty our own hands. Thumbs up!
I love their huge, juicy, sweet, tasty fresh prawns! You will surely love the freshness of the prawns!

Next, we had their Assorted Beancurd Platter ($6).
This platter made up of Frozen beancurd, Green Tea beancurd, and Original beancurd.
I couldn't taste the difference between the original beancurd and the green tea beancurd but their frozen beancurd tasted like those dried beancurd after going into the hot steamboat pot and it absorbed the flavors of the soup very well and tasted excellent! Yums!

We also had their Fresh Live Seabass ($45) and Fresh Live Red Snapper ($55).
We appreciate the service as Fu Lin Men Dou Lao thoughtfully sliced the fishes for us. I love the freshness and tastiness of these fishes. It was surely value for money!

If you love the crispiness of Fried Fish Skin ($8), you will totally love this dish as I do. This dish was so well prepared that it tasted just like fish cracker, so well fried and crunchy yet not oily.

Other than going for seafood, we also had Homemade Assorted Treasure Balls ($16) and Beef Lamb Platter ($38).
The assorted treasure balls consisted of Sotong balls, Chicken balls, Prawn balls and Pork balls. I love the layout of this dish and the concept of getting to taste different meatballs in a platter, however, I hope that these meatballs could have a more bouncier and tender texture.

The Beef Lamb platter was great but if only the slices could be slightly thicker, it would make the dining experience more satisfying. Simply because I'm a meat lover! =)

As Asians, a meal would not be complete without some carbohydrates from rice, hence we had the Chinese Sausage Claypot Rice ($12, Small).
At Fu Lin Men Dou Lao, they helped us to mix the rice with their secret recipe soy sauce to give the rice more flavor. I love the taste of the rice with the soy sauce but find the rice a bit dry, however, the sausages were tasty! I would return for their chewy sausages!

I also had to mention the thoughtful design at Fu Lin Men Dou Lao that allows us to charge our gadgets through the USB ports at the side of the dining table for free.

I love the beautiful chinese style design and ambiance at Fu Lin Men Dou Lao too!

Fu Lin Men Dou Lao also provides VIP rooms of different sizes for various purposes and events, They have a function room of 36 persons capacity with fully-equipped AV system.

Fu Lin Men Dou Lao 
16 North Canal Road 
Singapore 048828 

Before I end off, I want to share a discount code to save you some moolahs when you dine at Fu Lin Men Dou Lao 福临门豆捞 from 1 July to 31 July 2015.

Reservation Line: 6532 2777 
SMS/Whatsapp/WeChat: 9099 1777 
Fax: 6532 2177 

Enjoy your meals at Fu Lin Men Dou Lao 福临门豆捞!

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  1. Hi thanks for the great review. The pictures are awesome, especially the fish! Very tempting !!!!


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