Sunday, June 14, 2015

#ChezVousBeautyIsReal Makeover

Hi lovelies,

Last week, I attended a makeover event at ChezVous in which they collaborated with MakeupStore and The WYLD Shop to bring head to toe transformation for all ladies and bring out the beauty in everyone.

My before and after photos speak it all!



The WYLD Shop was there to allow ladies to try on their beautiful clothes. I love their good quality and in trend outfits.

My makeover journey at ChezVous started with my hair. ChezVous hair stylist finds my hair too flat, so it was a journey of washing, blow dry, curling and styling my hair with loose curls side-sweep.

While waiting for my curls to loosen, I had my makeup done by Makeup Store makeup artist, Elaine.

Some tips that I learnt from her: 
1) Easily tanned skin goes well with pink and orange blushers.
2) Use cream colour eye makeup base/ highlighter to reduce the puffy appearance of eyes.
3) With puffy eyelids, apply eyeshadow within the eye socket area, keep it to half moon shape.
4) With high cheekbones, so apply blusher at the side of cheeks, don't go to the centre of face.
5) My skin shade goes well with bright lip colours, don't go for conventional nude or light pink.
6) With broader face, slim down the face by applying bronzer at the lower part of side cheek all the way to ear area.
7) With darker colours/ more colours on the eyelid, don't worry about looking pale, light amount of blusher is sufficient.

Here's my profile card with the products Elaine used for my makeup.

After makeup, my curls have also loosened, just nice for the hair stylist to perform her magic on my hair.

Here's the final result.

I love this shot which I took while walking under the sunshine.

Hair by ChezVous
Makeup by Makeup Store
Eyebrow and Eyelash by Browtisan

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