Friday, May 1, 2015

Bellabox Dare to be Flawless (April)

Hi lovelies,

The news that I am going to share might not come as a surprise to some but it is definitely a sad news to know that Bellabox has stopped their subscription service in Singapore, so this April 2015 is the last monthly beauty box by Bellabox before it officially ended in Singapore. I really can't bear to see Bellabox closed down as it has been a fantastic beauty box all these times.

The theme for April's Bellabox is Dare to be Flawless, so the products prepared in the beauty box are supposed to work to help us to appear perfect, without any defects.

1. Belif The True Whitening Solution 
Cleansing foam 100ml/ S$37
Clear Toning Water 200ml/ S$46
Essence 50ml/ S$71
Cream 50ml/ S$69
A formidable whitening solution to reveal healthy, glowing skin from the inside out. Formulated with Napiers Original Formula, Napiers Moisture Formula and Napiers White Formula to hydrate, soothe, strengthen and nourish skin, each product also contains its key active whitening herbal ingredients to enhance skin-brightening effects for overall radiance.

2. Intercosmo Elixir 79, 100ml/ S$62
A luxurious conditioning oil that promises incredible softness and silkiness for hair. Concocted with Argan Oil, Sweet Cyperus Oil, and Linseed Oil, and a blend of tantalizing fragrance,it is rich invitamins and antioxidants to smooth, strengthen and nourish each strand.

3. TheFaceShop Cushion Screen Cell SPF 50+PA+++, 15g/ S$38.90
The world's first cushion screen cell foundation,  it features an exclusively patented 0.028mm Screen Cell that filters out the foundation product to maximize skin adherence for flawless, natural coverage. Packed with 5 benefits in 1 compact, this lightweight foundation conceals, brightens, protects, minimizes wrinkles and hydrates. For radiant-looking skin that is healthy and beautiful. Detailed review here:

4. Dr.G Aquasis Moisture Toner, 170ml/ S$37
A moisture boosting toner that promotes skin moisture, it is clinically proven to maintain moisture for a remarkable 48 hours. This calming toner soothes and instantly hydrates dry skin by forming a layer of protection against radicals, revealing healthy, moisture-drenched supple skin after 4 weeks. Detailed review here:

5. CLIV Ginseng Berry Premium Eye Cream, 30ml/ S$75
A premium eye cream to illuminate and give saggy eye areas a visible lift. With the nourishing nutrition of 70% Ginseng Berry extracts, this pure plant based ingredient works to provide moisture and improve skin elasticity for brighter, better-looking eyes. Detailed review here:

6. VDL Lumilayer Primer, 30ml/ S$36
A primer that preps your skin while enhancing the staying power of base makeup with brightening and radiance effect. Its violet-pigmented formulation produces a set of gorgeous, 3 dimensional skin.

7. VDL Skin P+R=O Almighty Ampoule Essence, 50ml/ S$88
This anti-oxidant ampoule essence is packed with highly concentrated Centella Asiatica for extraordinary anti-aging benefits. It works to stimulate collagen synthesis to improve skin conditions.

That's all I have in my April Bellabox. Thank you Bellabox for offering quality standard beauty box. I will miss receiving my monthly Bellabox greatly! 
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Hope you enjoyed reading this last post about Bellabox's beauty box.


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