Friday, April 3, 2015

SK-II #ChangeDestiny Misa Kuranaga Video

Hi lovelies,

Lately, I came across a video by SK-II which appeared on the advertisement column while I was watching Youtube video and I felt inspired after watching Misa Kuranaga sharing snippets of her journey to becoming the Principal Dancer of the Boston Ballet.

Misa Kuranaga had to overcome the little “dictators” in her life in order to achieve professional success.

Watching this video reminded me of my growing up years when I put in my best shot in all things but still failed to be better or as good as others due to various reasons but through it all, it helped to shape my character and the person I am today.

In my primary school days, I didn't get to stay in my ECA (Extra Co-curricular Activity) because my parents felt that my studies were not doing well and wanted me to focus on my studies instead, and I left my ECA. Intellectually, I wasn't as intelligent as my sister, I could not score straight As despite putting in much time and effort into revision, unlike my sister who scored with flying colours even when she spent most of her time reading storybooks and doing personal activities instead of revising.

In my secondary school days, I got into Netball. Finally, I had a CCA (at that time ECA was renamed as CCA, Co-Curriculum Activity). I put in my very best in all training and never once missed training. However, my coach told me that physically I wasn't suitable for this sport, so for most of the competitions, I was placed as a reserve and hardly get to compete for all competitions. My coach gave me reasons that I wasn't tall enough, I ran too slow, I could not throw the ball far enough etc. She gave me all kinds of reasons and I felt crushed by her words. I trained harder, I ran a lot, I jumped a lot, just to grow taller, to be stronger, to be faster. Sadly, opportunity did not come knocking on my door.

When I was in Junior College, I was determined to build up on my physical strength. I wanted to be stronger and not looked down upon by others and I joined Dragon Boat. Training was tough, very much tougher, and we had a lot of training but I pressed on and endured to prove that I am no weakling. I had opportunities to shine in my CCA and my CCA served as a good testimonial for me to get a scholarship to continue my University education.

In life, we are constantly affected by external factors with people saying that we are not good enough, not intelligent enough, not capable enough, not good looking enough, not fit enough, etc. But what do all these serve? They are just negatives that are stopping us from attaining our goals, to crush us and deviate us from our rightful path. 

Life continues, and I want to be better than the day before. Catching Misa Kuranaga in SK-II’s latest video made me determined to pursue my dream in life. Watch the video now and get inspired to #ChangeDestiny!

Her story perfectly exemplifies the philosophy behind #ChangeDestiny, SK-II’s latest campaign to inspire women to change their own destiny, regardless of the little “dictators” in their life. You can find out more at

We are the rightful owner and ruler of our destiny. Stay firm, stay strong ladies!


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