Sunday, March 29, 2015

Locycare Nail Gel (For discoloured or damaged nails)

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This whole week has been a saddening week for our nation as we grieved over the lost of our nation's founding father and late Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew, whom contributed his whole life to develop Singapore into a great nation as it is today. Without his farsighted vision and commitment to fulfill his promises towards his people and nation, Singapore as a young nation would not have developed and prospered so rapidly.

My emotions have had been gloomy this whole week and I make it a point to watch Remembering Lee Kuan Yew Special TV Programmes every evening after returning from work.

It's been a while since I last blogged and today, I'm sharing my review for Locycare Nail Gel.
Galderma – the global dermatological company aims to cultivate good nail care habits this year with its latest product, Locycare Nail Gel.

Most women change their nail polish several times a week and the chemicals and solvents commonly found in nail polishes and removers strip the nails of its moisture; making them brittle and prone to splitting and breaking.

Locycare is said to offer a quick and easy solution to recover healthy looking nails in just two weeks by restoring the natural water content of damaged nails. The nail gel is essentially a moisturiser for one’s nails and effortlessly penetrates the nail with a slight massage. In addition to practicing regular good nail care, applying Locycare will promote healthy nails regrowth, and ultimately prevent the occurrence of fungal nail infections and other unwanted diseases.

Nails provide important insights to one’s overall health. Discoloured, broken and damaged nails can indicate nutritional deficiencies, infections, and even serious diseases (such as Onychomycosis or fungal nail infection). Nails, like skin, require optimal hydration. When the nails are dry, it can become opaque, discoloured and fragile.

Clinically proven to recover healthy looking nails, the new moisturising nail gel contains a unique combination of humectants to restore the natural water content of damaged nails and Artemisia leaf extract that has an antimicrobial action to provide a fast visible improvement to damaged and discoloured nails.

The gel comes in a transparent, light-weighted form that spreads out easily and absorbs easily without leaving any greasy or sticky feeling on my skin. It is also fragrant-free, making it suitable to use on sensitive skin. However, as I have dry skin and dry cuticles issues, I find that this nail gel isn't hydrating enough to solve my dry skin problem. Other than this, I find that it worked well on my nails, reducing the appearance of yellow discoloration on my nails to reveal a healthy pink, and it also helped to restore the natural water content of my nails. If you ask if I would continue using this nail gel, I would say yes, but in terms of keeping my dry cuticles and skin moisturised, I would have to top it up with a hydrating hand cream.

My rating:

Retail price: S$19.90/ 15g

Locycare is available at selected Unity and selected Watsons. 

Give your nails a break (from external elements such as nail polish), go bare with Locycare and appreciate the minimal look of a healthy and bare nail today!


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