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Bellabox 50 Shades of Pink (March)

Hi lovelies,
In today's post, I will be sharing about my March Bellabox which is themed as 50 Shades of Pink. I personally adore Pink as it is a feminine, sweet, cheerful colour. 

Do you know that every month, upon knowing that Bellabox had begin sending out their Bellaboxes, I'll be waiting excitedly, expecting the arrival of Bellabox? Haha. Because I love receiving my monthly Bellabox. Especially when I know that Bellabox is always filled with numerous wonderful goodies for me to try, and the level of excitement and expectancy uncontrollably rose up within me.

Bellabox always fill up the box right to the brim with mutiple items. The amount of amazing goodies they prepared for their subscribers months after months are always beyond our imaginations.

All the contents poured out from the box are sure to make me squeal with joy and amazement each time.

1. Bioderma Hydrabio Serum, 40ml/ S$49.90
A moisturizing concentrate for dehydrated skin, its refreshing melt-in texture is enhanced with Aquagenium® patent to biologically revitalize skin’s natural hydrating ability. For soft, radiant, rejuvenated skin in time. After using it for days, I realised that this serum really does works to hydrate my skin and it also works like a primer enabling my makeup to be applied smoothly onto my skin but unfortunately, the hydrating efficacy isn't very long lasting on my dehydrated skin. The texture is somewhere between gel and cream texture but it works well in Singapore's weather, and I kind of like its texture.

2. Tealy Spring Green Tea, 10 Tea Bags/Pack, S$17
I super-love teas from Tealy because once you tried their teas, you learnt to enjoy tea from a new level and surely, you won't be satisfied going back to ordinary teas. This Tealy Spring Green Tea is an exceptional seasonal tea made only once a year, so enjoy the exquisite pleasure of this bright and luminescent green blend, coupled with its revitalizing strong aroma and distinct sweetness.

3. Asience Inner Rich Shampoo and Conditioner, 480ml/ S$14.90
I love these products for working so well on my hair. Powered by Asience innovative Beauty Serum, this shampoo and conditioner duo for dry, frizzy hair is formulated with a luxurious blend of precious oils and essences to reveal youthful looking hair. I highly recommend for dry hair!

4. Benefit Cosmetic Roller Lash, 8.5g/ S$37
Achieve superb curl power for 12 hours straight! It contains an instant curve setting formula and an innovative Hook 'n' Roll brush to grab, separate, lift, and curl for powerful lash curling hold and wider-looking eyes. This mascara is truly Holy Grail. More detailed review will be up on a later post. Keep a look out! :) 

5. Daylong SPF50+ Sunscreen Duo
Daylong SPF50+ Gel, 50ml/ S$32.90
Daylong Kids SPF50+ Lotion, 150ml/ S$39.90
Do you know that in Singapore where the sun is always high above our heads and shining its burning sun's rays on us, it's actually very harmful for our skins? It is always better to start protecting our skin at a young age and not wait till sun spots and freckles surfacing on our skins then panic to seek solutions to remove those unsightly spots. Check out this Daylong Sunscreen duo that are quick absorbing, non-sticky and incredibly comforting on the skin while delivering high protection against skin damages from UVB, UVA and IR. While the SPF50+ Gel is ideal for very sensitive to oily skin, the Kids SPF50+ Lotion is specially created for kids' (as of 1 year of age) sensitive skin. 

6. Naturvital Sensitive Oily Hair Shampoo, 300ml/ S$23
Formulated with remarkable skin tolerance, this hypoallergenic hair shampoo rebalances sensitive, oily hair types to provide the most natural care daily for long-lasting cleaner, healthier hair and scalp. 

7. Darlie All Shiny White Multi-Care Toothpaste, 140g/ S$3.45
A multi-care formulation combined with SWA whitening particles and fluoride, it eliminates plaque, strengthens enamel, delivers gum care, prevents cavities; deep cleans, strengthens teeth and freshens breath with its fresh mint flavor. Reveal a wider, whiter and more beautiful smile day after day. Simply enjoy the Whitening 1+7 benefits in one tube!

8. The PPP Shop Post-Laser Facial Mask, 6 sheets per box/ S$72
Activate turbo-charged rehydration and embrace firmer, suppler skin in just 5 minutes with this refreshing mask. Oil-free, fragrance-free and ideal for sensitive skin, it is created with Hyaluronic acid to support moisture lock-in without clogging pores. I've tried this mask and I find that the essence gets absorbed easily by the skin, giving me a more supple and hydrated skin.

That's all that I have in my March Bellabox with monthly subscription of S$19.95 and free shipping. More information at Bellabox website:

 Thanks for reading. 
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