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Clio Salon de Cara Mascaras Review

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In this post, I will be sharing about Clio mascaras and these lash fairy godmothers come with special wands and salon-inspired formulas to comb our lashes to new heights.

Introducing Clio Salon de Cara, these volumising mascaras are formulated to stimulate salon-grade styling and treatment for our eyelashes.

Available in three different formulas, each variant comes with a specially designed wand modeled after hairstyling tools.

3 key things about Clio Salon de Cara:
1) Each mascara wand is modeled after salon-styling tools, be it hair rollers, a round hairbrush, or a hairstylist's hands.
2) All three mascaras contains salon-inspired formulas of volume powder and hair waxes.
3) The mascaras contain Argan Oil,which helps repair hair damage, and Ceramide, which smoothens hair cuticles,locks in moisture and prevents damage.

Clio Salon de Cara in 001 Hair Roll Cara (S$24.90) is made to stimulate hair rollers to give extra volume.

Effect: Volume x Volume

Application steps:
Step 1: Roll the mascara wand at the root of the lashes to create some volume at the base.
Step 2: After building enough volume at the root, brush outwards in a zig-zag motion to extend the volume from root to tip.

Stimulating a hair roller, this mascara wand is made in France and comes in a 15mm cylindrical roller for extreme volume, with an empty centre to maximise its volumising capacity.

Like hair rollers with an empty centre to create volume, 001 Hair Roll Cara also uses Balloon Hollow Powder that builds volume by thickly coating each lash strand with polymers, giving a va-va-voom lashes result. The waterproof film allows the mascara to last all day without smudging yet it can be washed off easily with warm water. 

 This Clio Salon de Cara 001 Hair Roll Cara adds volume and length to my lashes and the heat applicator adds extra curls. It gives a promising volumising, lengthening and curling result. 
This mascara is recommended for people with long and thin lashes.
Volume: 4.5/5
Long-lash: 3.5/5
Curling: 4/5

Clio Salon de Cara in 002 Roll Brush Cara (S$24.90) mimics a round hairbrush for a curling effect.

Effect: Volume x Curling

Application steps:
Step 1: Place the mascara wand on the top of the lashes at the base and coat from root to tip to create a curl.
Step2: From the bottom of the lashes, press upwards and coat in a zig-zag motion to lift the lashes. 

Like a stylist who would use a round bristle brush to curl your hair during a blowout, 002 Roll Brush Cara stimulates a hairbrush to give your lashes stunning curls with volume.Using an ultra fine and dense roll brush with six sections like a professional hairbrush, this mascara wand rolls your lashes strongly from root to tip.

For my stubborn lashes, I saw more volumising and lengthening compared to curling.

This mascara is recommended for people with stick-straight lashes 
Volume: 4/5
Long-lash: 3/5
Curling: 3.5/5

Clio Salon de Cara in 003 Finger Cara (S$24.90) has 228 bristles that part three ways at the tip to replicate the action of hairstylist's hands.

Effect: Volume x Long-lash

Application steps:
Step 1: Make sure the mascara wand is generously coated with mascara formulas, then brush from the root to end.
Step 2: Coat your lashes in sections from left to right so that each strand is sufficiently coated with fibers to extend the length.

Inspired by the sticky wax used in hair waxes, the formula has 5mm cellulose fibers that easily attach to each lash strand for visible lengthening effects. 

This mascara is recommended for people with sparse and short lashes.

Volume: 3/5
Long-lash: 4/5
Curling: 3/5

Comparing my lashes before and after application of mascara and we can notice that Clio Salon de Cara Mascara help to separate and fan out my lashes beautifully. My lashes also look much thicker and longer. However, in terms of curling effect, I find that Clio Salon de Cara 001 Hair Roll Cara works better than the other 2.



Clio Salon de Cara Mascaras are now available at Watsons Singapore.

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