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SOTHYS Sensitive Line Skincare at TWG Tea

It was my pleasure to attend SOTHYS blogger's event at TWG Tea to understand about SOTHYS Sensitive line skincare.

According to SOTHYS' findings, 90% of Asian Women have sensitive skin. Temporarily sensitised skin is usually caused by external factors like environmental aggression, inappropriate use of cosmetics products or lifestyle. Sensitised skin has signs and symptoms like burning sensation, redness, itchiness, tightness. And now, SOTHYS has a solution for all!

SOTHYS introduces their Sensitive line to soothe all symptoms of discomfort and protect the skin from external aggression. It treats and builds the inner strength of skin's tolerance threshold. SOTHYS Advanced Research Team identifies Spa Thermal Water as a unique source of soothing in this range for naturally sensitive skin and temporarily sensitive skin.

Personally, sometimes I do encounter sensitive skin with itching, and redness of skin, and I having used SOTHYS Sensitive line skincare for a while and I noticed that the products helped to calm my skin and reduced the effects of sensitive skin.

SOTHYS Sensitive line skincare comprises of Spa Thermal Water which is obtained from between 350 and 400m altitude at the heart of Belgian Ardennes. This natural spring water comes from underground sources with great purity, far from all pollutions. It is pure with low mineral and sodium content and has pH 5 value, similar to skin's pH. The Spa Thermal Water does not undergo any chemical or mircobiological treatment, preserving its natural contents.

Hypersensitivity of skin is rebalanced and its tolerance threshold strengthened as the Spa Thermal Water helps to block TRPV1 epidermal receptors which are responsible for sensations of pain and itch on skin surface.

The first product in this range is the Micellar Cleansing Water, S$79/200ml.

This is a 2-in-1 cleanser that gently cleanses the face and eye areas to remove impurities without rinsing, Formulated with Micelles (composed of gentle cleansing agents), it has a distinguishing feature of organising themselves into spheres to trap surface impurities to effectively cleanse the skin in just one step.

Direction to use: Apply with a cotton pad to cleanse the skin until skin is clean. This can also be used as a Treatment lotion to be applied with cotton pad after SOTHYS Lotion.

Next is the Soothing SOS Serum, S$109/20ml.

This SOS serum acts like a "cosmetic plaster" to soothe permanent or temporary discomfort sensations instantly and limit the appearance of redness, Boldo extract also helps to strengthen the natural defenses of skin.

Directions to use: Apply on entire face or targeted spots then follow by regular SOTHYS Cream.This can be used in addition to usual cream when skin is temporarily sensitised or hyper-sensitive.

It is proven that after 15 days of usage, the skin is less sensitive to aggression.

After that is the Soothing Melting Fluid/ Soothing Velvet Cream, S$119/50ml

A daily protection to protect skin from external aggression and reduce skin discomfort. It balances skin's tolerance threshold and reduces cellular hyper-reactivity.
Soothing Melting Fluid is suitable for sensitive, combination skin while Soothing Velvet Cream is suitable for sensitive skin prone to dryness.

Directions to use: Apply on entire face and neck after Soothing SOS Serum dying day and/or night. Avoid eye contour area. There is proven efficacy with 61% reduction in skin activity after 30days.

Lastly, it is the Nutri-Soothing Mask, S$99/50ml.

This mask is an emergency care to provide immediate relief to discomfort sensations and maintains the balance of sensitive skin. It envelops the skin in softness while alleviating redness.

Directions to use: Apply an even layer on face and neck and leave on for 10mins before rinsing off or rub in the excess. Then apply regular SOTHYS' cream as moisturizer. Avoid eye contour area. Use 1-2 times per week. 85% proven satisfaction on immediate softening, decongesting and soothing effect on the skin.

Shown below are the textures and shades of the different product.
From Left to Right: Soothing SOS serum, Soothing Melting Fluid/Soothing Velvet Cream, and Nutri-Soothing Mask.

At SOTHYS' event, I was also treated to a cup of Matcha tea and mixed berries cake at TWG Tea.

It was a great afternoon with SOTHYS team and other beauty bloggers. 

Overall, I enjoyed using SOTHYS Sensitive line skincare! I am amazed by how gently the products worked the magic on my skin and gave my skin a good amount of hydration while reducing the redness and itchiness caused by sensitivity of my skin. SOTHYS Sensitive line skincare also helped to improve my skin condition and reduced the tendency of my skin flaring up and becoming sensitive.

My rating: 4/5

I highly recommend anyone with sensitive skin to give this range a try and experience improvement to your skin condition.

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