Sunday, August 24, 2014

French Patisseries From Le Gateau Maison

As a dessert lover, I got hooked by some delish and delectable patisseries from Le Gateau Maison. Le Gateau Maison Patisseries are hand-crafted and freshly baked with the finest ingredients flown in from France, intricately made by Chef also from France.


This multi-layer Noisette has a perfect blend of flavours (Milk and Dark chocolates, Vanilla, Hazelnut Praline) and textures (cake and mousse) altogether. The richness of the taste of Hazelnut Praline and Chocolates made this patisserie one of the best Hazelnut cakes that you would not want to miss.


Cerises has alternating layers of Chocolate sponge and White Chocolate mousse with Dark Pitted Cherries, topped with White Chocolate blossoms.
I believe fine flour was used to make the Chocolate sponge cake as its texture was smooth. The Chocolate sponge cake had the real cocoa taste and fragrant in it. I love the taste of different chocolates in my mouth, yet not too sweet in overall. 


Anushka consists of Almond Dacquoise  which has a unique texture that is close to but not exactly the same as having a thin layer of fluffy pancakes filled with crushed almonds. The Almond Dacquoise has a highly addictive taste, and it makes me yearns for more with each bite. The Mango mousse is smooth in texture and went well with the Almond Dacquoise.


Fraisinette has smooth and fresh whipped cream which complement perfectly with the Vanilla sponge to elevate its taste, and together with fresh strawberries and blueberries, this Fraisinette gives a refreshing taste in my mouth. A perfect Strawberry Shortcake I've tasted! You will love it too!

Il Y A Longtemps

The topping comes in either bits of fruits or macaron combining with Chocolate sponge, Milk Chocolate mousse, Passion Fruit Coulis and Passion fruit glaze. I was looking forward to enjoying the passion fruit taste but it's sad that the taste got concealed by the chocolate mousse. It's an overall average passion fruit cake, however you can still try this innovative creation if you want something special. 

Doux Reves

Doux Reves is a definite order! This is a highly recommended patisserie! Needless to say, there are a wide range of banana cakes available in the market but to me, nothing tasted as special as Doux Reves. I was blown away by the specialty and awesomeness of Doux Reves. While having it, the cake gave me a paradise feeling, and I am not exaggerating when I say this. Doux Reves is a banana cake but with the different layers of Chocolate sponge, Almond Dacquoise, Dark Chocolate Caramel mousse, Banana mousse and Gold Silvery Glaze, they are not separated in taste but a fusion of all elevate the banana taste of this cake, yet it does not taste like traditional banana cakes. Its awesomeness is beyond description! You have to try it to understand what I am complimenting and raving about.

French Patisseries from Le Gateau Maison can be purchased online, Click here!

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Bon appetite!

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