Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Food Review: Spizzico Italian Restaurant

I dined at Spizzico Italian Restaurant couple of weeks back. I love Italian foods and having tasted great foods in Italy before, I was looking forward to savour great foods at Spizzico Italian Restaurant.

The ambience there was pretty calming and it suits the Italian style.

I ordered a cup of Cappuccino Caffelatte (S$5.00).
This Cappuccino Caffelatte is one of the best I have ever tried. I love the creaminess and smoothness of the Cappuccino in my mouth and down my throat. No sugar was added to the Cappuccino Caffelatte, so one can mix in the sugar to their preferred level of sweetness.

I ordered their Filetto di Manzo con Foie Gras (S$48.00). This dish is stated as Chef's Recommendation in the menu. I requested for half portion to be served.

This dish was made up of Pan fried NZ beef tenderloin with duck liver in red wine sauce. This was an average dish. Foie Gras was fresh but it did not make me crave for more. For the beef tenderloin, I requested for half done but the rawness of the beef makes it a little difficult to chew. The mixed vegetables was well marinated and it tasted good though.

Next, we ordered Salmone Rucola (S$20.00) to share. This pizza was also stated as Chef's Recommendation in the menu.

It is pizza topped with smoked salmon, caper, onion, chilli and rocket.

The salmon was a little salty but fresh, delectable and appetizing, and it made me went on for more bites, best eaten together with the rocket vegetables. And lastly, the crispy thin crust made up part of the attractions. This pizza was scrumptious!

I am a dessert lover, and of course, a tasty dessert would be definite to end off the meal. We ordered 3 desserts in total so that we can share and try different desserts.

We ordered their Home Made Panna Cotta (S$12++ per potion).

This is a traditional dessert made form cooked cream and fresh milk. I love the feeling of this icy cool dessert down my throat and the syrup added some sweetness to the rather blend Panna Cotta. I think this dessert would taste so much better if they added vanilla into it to give the milky taste a lift. Another down side is that the Panna Cotta was too soft in texture and it melted rather fast. I've tried much delicious Panna Cotta before, so this dessert did not satisfy my tastebuds' craving.

We also tried their Home Made Tiramisu (S$12.00++ per portion).

This is their home made traditional Italian coffee and mascarpone cheese cake. Based on my liking for Tiramisu, I would say yes, go on and give this dessert a try and perhaps, you will love it too! I love the strong flavour of this Tiramisu and the cake melts right in the mouth. Splendid!

Lastly, we had Cassata (S$12.00++ per potion).
Semifreddo with vanilla, cocoa, cream and candied fruit. I won't say this dessert has the authentic Italian taste but the dessert was done rather well and it is refreshing enough to make it worth giving it a try.

* All prices are subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Address: Spizicco, UE Shopping Mall #01-13, 81 Clemenceau Avenue, (S)239917

Enjoy your meal at Spizzico Italian Restaurant!

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