Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Food Review: Nana's Green Tea Café

Quite a while back, my sister and I dined at Nana's Green Tea Café, located at Plaza Singapura. Many thanks to the PR company for their hospitality while hosting us.

Concept: Modern Cuisine, inspired by Japanese Tea Ceremonies
Nanaʼs Green Tea Café focuses on the social aspect of a Japanese tea ceremony, offering a Zen experience for family and friends who gather over a common love and respect for quality matcha and Japanese cuisine. Its café style menu encourages diners to select and share dishes that compliment Nanaʼs signature matcha creations. Food, desserts and beverages are thoughtfully prepared with an artistic flair.

Cuisine: Nanaʼs Green Tea Café specializes in quality matcha from Kyoto, served as an espresso or as a tasty new creation and food that appeals to both eyes and tastebuds.

Mr Kazuto Kutami
Deeply influenced by the Japanese tea culture, the rituals and ceremonies revolving around tea drinking and a firm believer in its health benefits, Mr Kazuto desired to share this with Japan and the world.

The challenge was to make tea drinking appealing to a new generation of tea drinkers and that was when Mr Kazuto started Nanaʼs Green Tea Café 15 years ago.

Starting his passion in cosmopolitan Tokyo, Mr Kazuto modeled the experience after the Japanese tea ceremony while adapting to the modern society by offering options for creative matcha recipes and fast-paced service. Soon, the café became known as the ʻJapanese Starbucksʼ and the menu expanded to food items to pair with the matcha creations.

Upon reaching, we were quick to settle down and ordered a drink of our choice.

I had Hoji Kuromitsu Latte (S$8.00).
"Hoji-cha" is a Japanese green tea that is distinguished from others because it is roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal; Japanese tea is usually steamed. It usually has a slightly caramelised taste.
A choice to have it hot or cold is available. I opted for cold.

Hoji Kuromitsu Latte is Hoji Latte topped with whipped cream and drizzle of caramelised brown sugar syrup. The level of sweetness of this drink is acceptable. The drink is so delicious that it is beyond descriptions. I love this drink so much and the caramelised green tea taste is so unique. I have never tasted roasted green tea this awesome and addictive. My sister tried this drink from my glass and she loves it too!

My sister had Matcha Azuki Shiratama Latte (S$9.00).
"Matcha" is a finely milled Japanese green tea and is considered to be of a higher quality than the regular green tea. It is traditionally served in Japanese ceremonies and is now used to flavour ice-cream and other dishes.
A choice to have it hot or cold is available. My sister also opted for cold.

Matcha Azuki Shiratama Latte is Matcha Latte topped with red bean paste and garnished with mochi and whipped cream. The Matcha is slightly bitter and the whipped cream helps to neutralise the bitterness of the tea. The mochi is plain mochi, it is tasteless but good to chew in. The red bean paste is a definite to die for at Nana's Green Tea Café. We could taste the natural sweetness and freshness of the red bean paste. We love their red bean paste greatly!

Being Salmon lovers, we had their Salmon Carpaccio (S$8.80) for appetizer. It is a dish of fresh Salmon carpaccio wth daikon sprout and salad dressing.

The Salmon was fresh but we were a little disappointed for they have over-thawed the Salmon, and hence the Salmon lost its slight chewy texture. Too much soy sauce was also drizzled on the Salmon which makes it a little too salty for our preference. It would be better if they could present the soy sauce separately so that we can dip the Salmon into the soy sauce if we want to.

We tried their Ebi Goma Dare Udon (S$14.80). This is a dish of Cold Udon noodle served with Prawns, Avocado and tomato in Nana's special sesame sauce.  

We love their Cold noodle and the chewy texture of the noodles, however, the noodles being a little too thick and long makes it difficult for us to eat, so we had to cut the noodles shorter before consuming. But we have to say that we love the thick and flavourful sesame sauce and the freshness of their prawns!

We tried their Maguro & Avocado Sushi Roll (S$5.80 for 4 pcs and $10.00 for 8 pcs). The sushi consists of soy marinated Tuna, avocado, egg, cucumber and Japanese pickled ginger wrapped with Japanese rice and nori.
I love sushi and I am very particular about the taste of sushis. Having tried their Maguro & Avocado Sushi Roll, I would really recommend ordering this dish. The ingredients were fresh and most importantly, the Japanese rice properly done, so it was not hard nor too soft. Thumbs up for this dish!

We tried their Salmon & Maguro Don (S$15.80). This is their 3-Stars recommended dish and we had to give it a try! This dish consists of soy marinated Tuna served over Japanese rice garnished with sesame, nori, Japanese pickled ginger, spring onion, daikon sprout and a drizzle of mayonnaise sauce.
We thought this dish would be our favourite dish as it contains all of our favourites but it was sad that this dish was not able to match our expectations. The Tuna was good, and we love it but the Salmon had too much mayonnaise sauce drizzled over it. We thought they would place the mayonnaise sauce at the side of the dish and not coating over the Salmons! The Salmons were over-thawed as well. The Japanese rice was damp and the rice clumped together. We feel that they could have done this dish better. The miso soup was good though.

Next, we ordered our desserts. I had their Matcha Anmitsu (S$8.80)
This is their 3-Stars recommended dessert which consists of Matcha ice-cream, red bean paste and whie mochi served on a bed of "Kanten" Japanese healthy traditional jelly and caramelised brown sugar syrup.
We love everything in this set of dessert, especially the sweet, creamy Matcha ice-cream which had the Matcha flavour burst in our mouths and the taste continued to linger in the mouth for quite a while. Mochi and red bean paste were the same as served in the Matcha Azuki Shiratama Latte. The Kanten had the slight bitterness of the Matcha but it was good as well and the Kanten makes people feel full after consuming. The caramelised brown sugar syrup was set aside in a small jar and we could decide how much sweet we would like to add to the dessert. The syrup goes very well with the Kanten. This dessert is an unforgettable dish and I went back for more previously when I did my hair at Jean Yip, which was also located at Plaza Singapura.   

My sister had the Hoji "gateaux chocolat" parfait (S$13.80). It is an artisan dessert starting with a layer of plain kanten jelly and Hoji syrup topped with soft serve vanilla ice-cream and a generous layer of corn flakes, garnished with vanilla ice-cream, Hoji gateaux chocolat cake, red bean paste, whipped cream and a drizzle of Hoji syrup.
There wasn't any surprises from this dessert. The Hoji gateaux chocolat cake was actually something I looked forward to try but unfortunately, the chocolate taste in the cake was rather mild as it was concealed by the slight bitterness of the Hoji. The vanilla ice-cream taste was average in taste and the plain Kanten was tasteless. The Hoji syrup and the red bean paste saved the blend taste of this dessert.

Give Nana's Green Tea Café a try today and you might also find dishes that appeal to your tastebuds!

Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839
Tel: 66844312
Fax: 68846305

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  1. I love the desserts. But my soba noodles in sesame sauce was an overkill.

    1. Hi Irene, thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. :)


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