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Food Review: Madame Patisserie

Last week, I visited Madame Patisserie which was located at Boat Quay and tried some of their pastries and desserts there.

Madame Patisserie had both interior and exterior seating areas. I was fascinated by their exterior seating area when I was there as it was beautifully decorated, overlooking the Singapore River. The weather was cool and breezy that day. It will be a great enjoyment to relish on great pastries and desserts while overlooking the serene waters and feel the breeze on your face.

Madame Patisserie Menus. I've never seen such pretty menus before!

I ordered their Red Berries tea (S$9.00 per pot with 2 tea sachets).

Each mouth sipped was filled full of mixed berries taste. The tea was a blend of sweetness and sourness which stimulated my appetite.

Madame Patisserie has various types of pure teas and flavored teas available.

The first dish we had comprised of (from left to right) Almond Croissant (S$2.50), Banana Cinnamon Roll (S$2.80) and Three Cheese Danish (S$3.00).

I could still remember how fresh these pastries were and they tasted so delicious that I kept craving for more bites. 
Almond Croissant was soft and fluffy, and the almonds were crunchy. 
Banana Cinnamon Roll tasted very much like McDonald's Cinnamon Melts to me. I love the cinnamon taste but I could not taste the banana though.
Three Cheese Danish was heaven to me as the top layer was coated with melted sugar and I love the sweetness of this pastry and the cheese taste was not overpowering, which makes it great for people who can't tolerate too cheesy taste. 

Here are ready-made pastries which you can just pop in, buy and takeaway.

Madame Patisserie offers High tea set with coffee at S$28 or with a pot of tea at S$32.

The High tea set comprises of:

o Scones (plain & raisin)

Their scones were fresh and best eaten with their Homemade Marmalade & Butter (Strawberry, Blueberry, Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Banana, Pineapple). Their homemade marmalade were awesomely good in taste and had fruits bits in them! Totally love eating it with the scones!

o Sandwiches
From left to right:
§ Egg mayonnaise with cheese corn bun
§ Smoked chicken, tomato, espelette chilli pepper mayonnaise with baguette
§ Cucumber cream cheese with white loaf bread
§ Smoked salmon, gherkin, capers mayonnaise with Dark Rye Bread

Of these 4 sandwiches, my favourites are:
§ Smoked chicken, tomato, espelette chilli pepper mayonnaise with baguette

There was a generous amount of Smoked chicken placed on the baguette and the chicken was fresh and flavourful in taste. The tomato was done really well and tasted juicy. 

§ Smoked salmon, gherkin, capers mayonnaise with Dark Rye Bread

The freshness of the Salmon made me like this sandwich very much!

o Desserts

From left to right:
§ Lemon drizzle cake
§ Chocolate cheesecake
§ Seasonal fruit tart
§ Raspberry éclair

I love all the desserts except for the Lemon drizzle cake and the Raspberry éclair as I do not fancy sour desserts. It will be great if the raspberries could taste sweet. I find the Lemon drizzle cake overpowered with too much sweetness and sourness which gave a weird feeling to my tastebuds. The Chocolate cheesecake on the other hand was dense and the thick chocolate taste was awesome! I could not taste the cheese in this Chocolate cheesecake though but never mind, I am satisfied with the chocolate. The white grapes from the Seasonal fruit tart was very fresh and sweet and the tart tasted great too!

Next, we had Apple & Mango Tart Tartin served with homemade vanilla ice cream (S$17.00).

I love this dish the most! Everything appeals to my tastebuds. There are only 3 words to describe this dish; Fresh, Perfect, Addictive. I like their self-made Vanilla ice-cream too but the ice-cream started melting too soon.

Lastly, we had Vanilla Souffle (S$16.00).

I love the top part of the souffle which was soft, fluffy and had the taste of fresh eggs but its inside was rather damp and the vanilla taste was a little too much. Not really to my likings.

Other fun facts of Madame Patisserie:

-Sherie Quek, owner of Madame Patisserie had worked at Ritz Carlton Hotel for 10 years and started Madame Patisserie due to her passion.

- The cafe holds workshops and classes for baking as well.

- Other specials in their menu include cheese platter, cheese fondue, churros, fruit beers, wines, etc.

- Madame Patisserie has Kids Area too!

Address: 76 Boat Quay #01-76, Singapore 049864

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