Sunday, July 21, 2013

Winner for the O&J Mangoes!

Hi everyone! It looks like I've been on hiatus for quite a while! Sorry for the lack of update as I struggle to find time and energy to settle down in front of my computer to draft a post by the end of the day or even on weekends. Hopefully I will have the generosity of time to blog soon. Remember to check back when you are free to see if there is any update on my little space or even enjoy reading past posts. ^_^

Back to the topic, a winner had been randomly selected to win a box of O&J Mangoes and the prize goes to .................................

Soh Ing

Heartiest congratulations to this lucky winner! Soh Ing, I will be in contact with you shortly, so do check your inbox for a message from me. :)

That's all folks. Thank you to all who participated, really appreciate your effort and time in joining my giveaway. 


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