Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hair Makeover at Jean Yip Hairdressing!

If you have been following me on instagram (@SimYvonne), you might have seen my photo which I posted some time back, mentioning that I was on my way to have a hair makeover at Jean Yip.

That was about a week ago when I decided to have a change of my hairstyle since my shoulder length hair then was getting a little difficult to manage with the hair ends curling in different directions, so I thought maybe I should curl my hair instead, and I made my way down to Jean Yip Hub at Plaza Singapura to get my hair done.

During my visit, I chose Nano Digital Perm with Treatment and Scalp Peel Treatment. I will be sharing a more detailed hair makeover experience and what I went through in a later post, so in this post, I will be giving a brief update on the changes done on my hair. 

My hairstylist is Joe.

In the earlier photo, you saw my hairstyle and length before Joe decided that chopping off some length from the hair at the front and giving more layers to my hair would make my Japanese curl hairstyle turn out better.

And soon, the confident Joe began working his magic hands on my hair with the scissors snipping away.

This is my resulted hair length for the front part. I know my hair looks like it is really short now but I believe Joe knows what he is doing.

Joe did not chop off much length from the hair at the back, so this is my actual hair length after the cut.

Skipping all the other steps, which I will be blogging about in a later post, let's fast forward to the hair perming step. Joe divided my hair into different segments before putting on the hair curlers. Sponges were placed to protect the scalp from the heat during the curling process.

Wires were plugged into the hair curlers and now we just have to wait for time to past. 

After the hair curlers were removed, my hairstyle made me looked like I've time traveled from the 60s as the curls were so structured and stiff. This hairstyle looks rather hilarious on me but Joe assured me that the curls will turn out alright after loosening the curls. Haha. There is nothing wrong with the perming process, everything was done the right way.

Skipping all the other procedures again, let's fast forward to the final result of my hair!

A photo of my hairstylist, Joe and me.

Here's a final photo of my before and after hairstyles. Which hairstyle do you prefer?

Oh ya, by the way, Jean Yip is running a Style of The Month Campaign which gives you a chance to win S$1,000 Jean Yip Hairdressing service voucher. 

Remember that after sharing your photo on Jean Yip's Facebook page (, you have to email with your full name, NRIC/FIN no & HP number to qualify.

That's all for now, do check back my blog to read what I've went through for my Nano Digital Perm with Treatment and Scalp Peel Treatment. 

Thanks for reading!
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