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Food Review: Moments of Delight, Ice-Creams!

I always find it difficult to turn down sweet stuffs. Sweets, chocolates, ice-creams, desserts are all haven stuffs for me. Sweet stuffs satisfy my taste buds and make my grumpy mood turns chirpy, and my day brightens up. I'm just so easily contended with sweet stuffs. Lol.

Upon knowing that Moments of Delight sells great ice-creams, I went down to try it out with my sister.

Moments of Delight appeared on Newspaper before and they received a certificate from Singapore Food Map for their fine culinary skill because they are particular about adding the best ingredients in making their ice-creams.

Moments of Delight handcrafted their own ice-cream. Wow! They take charge of the quality of their ice-creams instead of letting externals prepare their ice-creams. And because they made the ice-creams themselves, you don't always get the same flavors every day since it depends on the flavors they prepared for the day. It's like you get surprises when you pop into their outlet to buy ice-creams then you find new flavors waiting for you.

If you do not want to have creamy ice-creams because you are calorie conscious, you can opt for sorbets.
The day that we went, they had Strawberry Sorbet, Mango Sorbet and Lemon Sorbet. Lemon Sorbet tasted like common Lemon Sorbet we can easily get, so I didn't find anything special about it. Mango Sorbet isn't pure mango, it's actually a mixture of Mango with Pineapple, so there's some pineapple sourness in it. Not my type of Mango Sorbet I would go for because I only like sweet Mango Sorbet. For their Strawberry Sorbet, it tasted like mixed berries to me and I find it a little bitter and sour, so I passed the Strawberry Sorbet to my sister since she likes it.

And if you think eating ice-cream alone is too plain, you can decide on what kind of toppings you would like to add to your ice-cream.

These are the sauces they top on the waffle ice-cream which you can also add to your cone ice-cream or cup ice-cream.

This is their Menu. Moments of Delight has quite a fair selection available and the prices are within reasonable range.

I ordered cold Mocha Frappuccino (S$6.00). Chocolate and Coffee are my best friends.
I like their Mocha Frappuccino which was a good mix of chocolate and coffee but if only the taste is less concentrated, I would love it even more.

Before trying out Moments of Delight's waffle, I ordered a cup of Nutella with Hazelnut (S$4.00 per scoop).
I find this Nutella with Hazelnut ice-cream so awesome! I love the chocolatey of the Nutella and the ice-cream was not overwhelmed with Hazelnuts inside. I find the size and the amount of Hazelnuts in the ice-cream just suitable and love the crunchiness of the Hazelnuts as the Nutella ice-cream melts in my mouth. I let my sister tried this ice-cream too but she finds the Nutella a little on the sweet side for her liking.

Next, we tried their Sea Salt Caramel (S$4.00 per scoop).
I love the sweetness of the caramel and how flavorful the caramel was together with the creamy texture of the ice-cream, however, I find that there's a little too much salt in it. Yet for my sister, she finds the level of saltiness alright for her and she went on to finish up the whole cup. Looks like we have different expectations of ice-creams.

Next, we went on to try Moments of Delight's waffles. I went to place order for waffles and was told that the waffle batter was finished and we had to wait for a fresh set of batter to be done. We knew that we would not be satisfied if we didn't get to try their waffles, so we waited. We had to wait quite a while because the staff was not satisfied with the outcome of the waffle since the batter was not done perfect, so they made and threw away a few failed waffles and remixed the batter, and I continued waiting.

After a long wait, my waffle was finally done! 
You see the lady at the background, she's the Boss. She wasn't there when her staff made the batter, and when she arrived, I saw her testing out the batter and added more flour into the batter. My heart skipped a beat when I saw that, because that means my waffle was made when the batter wasn't perfectly done yet. And true enough, I found my waffle a little soggy on the inside.
Together with my waffle topped with caramel sauce, I had 2 scoops of ice-cream, one was O' Fashioned Vanilla (S$3.00 per scoop) and the other was Coffee Baileys (S$4.00 per scope). It was my first time trying Coffee mixed with Baileys and I find that the Coffee and Baileys taste were quite distinctive in this ice-cream  even though the Baileys had low alcohol content. I feel that this ice-cream was amazingly done. For their O' Fashioned Vanilla, I would highly recommend this to everyone. The ice-cream was so creamy, milky, smooth and the vanilla taste was perfect! Just let it melts in your mouth and feel the vanilla flavor bursts within and lingers in your mouth. Super love it! For my caramel sauce, I didn't like it as it tasted too sweet yet without the taste of caramel.

For my sister, she had Rum Rasins (S$4.00 per scoop) and Chewy Brownie (S$3.00 per scope) with her waffle, topped with Strawberry sauce. The Strawberry sauce was a disappointment too as it tasted just like sweet syrup without the taste of strawberry in it.
For the Rum Rasins ice-cream, my sister didn't like it as she finds the taste of rum overwhelming and the rasins had lost its sweetness, overtook by the slight bitterness of the rum. She likes the Chewy Brownie ice-cream as she enjoys chewing on the chocolatey brownie. The brownie really does remained chewy even when mixed with the ice-cream. We recommend trying their Chewy Brownie ice-cream too!

That was all we had that day, filling our stomachs with ice-creams. What a great day to spend the weekend! :)

Address: Bedok Point #03-34, Singapore 467351

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