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Reviews: Goldwell Hairstyling Products -- Big Finish Volume Hairspray and Full Rebel Lightweight Fluid Paste

As the title mentions, I am going to share my reviews on 2 hairstyling products from Goldwell.
Pictures shown in this post were taken when my hair was still long and wavy. It's shoulder length now. I did not expect my hair to be cut so short but my hairstylist over-cut. I am upset about the length of my hair now and I am NOT going back to that hairstylist anymore! :'(

The 2 products that I am reviewing are the Goldwell Big Finish Volume Hairspray and Goldwell Full Rebel Lightweight Fluid Paste.

Coming up first is the Goldwell Big Finish Volume Hairspray.

The ingredients list:

This bottle of Big Finish Volume Hairspray is priced at S$18. A pretty reasonable price as a bottle can last for many times of use.

This was my previous hair. It was flat at the crown but wavy at the bottom. My hair was long and needed styling as the weight pulls down my hair and made my crown area flat and shapeless.
Do you know, the shape of your hair actually affects the shape of your face?
A volume-less hair actually makes a person's face looks flat, which I can only relate to the shape of Ham Chim Peng.

First, I used Goldwell Big Finish Volume Hairspray and sprayed a little of it at the crown area. Next, I used my fingers to scrunch the hairs at the crown area till there's some volume and sprayed a little of the hairspray again so that it holds the shape of my hair. It is advisable not to spray too much of this hairspray or you will end up with sticky feeling hair.


Oh, have I mentioned that this hairspray has a heavenly floral scent? It felt like I've sprayed perfume onto my hair except that the scent from this hairspray lasted longer.

My rating: 3.5/5
(I did not give it a high rating as I felt that it was difficult to control the amount sprayed to the hair and when too much of it was sprayed on, it makes my hair feels sticky, and the feeling of stickiness is something I am not comfortable with. But for everything else, it is still worth a 3.5 out of 5.)

With the crown area done, now left with the ends of my hair to manage. The ends looked so messy, it's as though I just got up from bed.

Love my makeup that day and of course, I had to take a shot of my makeup before working on the ends of my hair.

Next product to use is the Goldwell Full Rebel Lightweight Fluid Paste.

Goldwell Full Rebel Lightweight Fluid Paste is the winner of Women's Weekly Best Beauty Buys for 2013 and after using it, I know why others love this product. I love it too!

The ingredients list:

This hairstyling product is double the price of the hairspray, selling at S$36.

Goldwell Full Rebel Lightweight Fluid Paste comes in a white creamy paste that feels sticky in texture so that the stickiness helps to hold the hair together. The strength of hold of this product makes it versatile to styling natural looking hairstyles.

I applied the paste to the lower ends of my hair (from the shoulder area to the ends of my hair), and twirl my hair in different sections. Although the paste feels a little too sticky at first, but the paste got absorbed by my hair rather fast, so I was not very bothered by the stickiness after awhile. Next, I loosen the curls and spray on Goldwell Big Finish Volume Hairspray for better holding strength. 

Here's the final result on my hair:

Even after pushing my hair behind, my face does not look as flat as my hair has more volume now.

Goldwell Full Rebel Lightweight Fluid Paste is great for creating natural-looking hairstyles but the holding strength isn't as good, so it is definitely a must for me to spray on Goldwell Big Finish Volume Hairspray after styling my hair. Goldwell Full Rebel Lightweight Fluid Paste has a nice smelling floral scent too but the scent is softer and gentler as compared to Goldwell Big Finish Volume Hairspray and faded off rather fast.

My rating: 3.5/5

Both hairstyling products can be easily washed off just by shampooing your hair, so there's no worry about damaging your hair from using these products.

Looking at all these photos make me miss my long hair more!!! Now I can only wait for my hair to grow, and the ends of my hair is irritatingly messy as it touches my shoulder and started curling in different directions. I need a hair fix!

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