Thursday, June 13, 2013

Review: APIVITA’s 100% Natural Wax Candle

I am delighted to receive this goodie from APIVITA. APIVITA is currently one of my favourite brands as their items are mostly natural or contain natural ingredients and yet their prices are within an affordable range.

This time round, APIVITA sent me their APIVITA’s 100% Natural Wax Candle with Orange, Cedar wood and Clove. 

Together with the candle were Calendula seeds, a pot and a bag of soil. It's time for some planting! I was so excited to grow my own Calendula. Can't wait to see the blooming of beautiful Calendula flowers.

I have started planting the Calendula seeds many weeks ago but not all seeds managed to germinate. A few seeds germinated but the seedlings died as their stems are too fragile and the roots too thin, only 2 managed to keep on growing. 

Alright, now let me share about APIVITA’s 100% Natural Wax Candle. 

I am loving this Natural Candle with Orange, Cedar wood and Clove pure essential oils as the atmosphere created by the fragrance of the Natural Candle can work wonders over the body and mind. This Natural Candle is part of APIVITA'S aromatherapy range. A rich blend of Cedar Wood and Clove essential oils soothes the senses, whilst the invigorating properties of the Orange work to rejuvenate and revive the spirit, promoting holistic wellbeing.

The Natural Candle has over 50 hours of burning time, enabling you to experience the relaxation experience over and over again. Including only certified organic cultivations and excluding synthetic ingredients, the 100% natural ingredients of the candle ensure only quality health benefits for the user. The purity of the candle wax, made from soya and rapeseed, makes it suitable for use as a hand moisturizer or as a lip balm. 
I enjoy lighting up this candle and leave it to infuse my whole room with its soothing and calming scent. The scent makes me feel really good after a day's of work and the scent of Orange actually helps to lift up my tired body and spirit and my allows me to focus on continuing my work even after long hours.

APIVITA Natural Candles are available in the following scents: Orange, Cedarwood & Clove, Jasmine, Lavender.
 Retail price: $100 per 235g and $64 per 80g.

Get your APIVITA Natural Candle and enjoy your aromatherapy in the comfort of your own home.
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  1. when burn it u also can use the oil of the candle as a moisturizer for yr skin and lip...


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