Sunday, May 5, 2013

Food Review: Orchid Live Seafood by Chef Steven Chua

Orchid Live Seafood is well-famed among famous people and celebrities that the glass doors were fully pasted with photos of Chef Steven Chua with them. 

Even though the location of the restaurant makes it a little difficult for me to get there but those photos were enough to make me even more enthusiastic to taste their dishes.

When I was there, there were already crowds in the restaurant and almost all tables had the Chef's Specialty Live Lobster Porridge. I know I had to try it!

The first dish I had was their Teochew Cold Crab (冰冻螃蟹), S$4.50/100g.

Look at the obscene amount of roe in them! I went for the shell first as I love crab's roe and it looked so appetizing that I could not resist!
The roe melts in the mouth, releasing a sweet, fresh taste. It gave the ocean feel while savoring it. This dish worked well as a starter and it made me crave for more seafood dishes.

Top-shell Tofu Thai Style (泰式響螺豆腐), S$12.
My eyes brightened up when I tasted the sweet chilli sauce. The fried beancurd tasted awesome when soaked with the sweet chilli sauce! Hope there can be more sweet chilli sauce.... The top shell is so fresh and chewy and I wanted more of it but soon, it was all gone!

Mixed Vegetable (清炒什菜 ), S$8, S$10 & S$15.
An average stir fried vegetables that tasted crunchy.

Live Lobster Porridge (金牌龙虾粥), S$10/100g.
The main star for the day! Here comes the Lobster Porridge!
The waiter dishes out the generous amount of Lobsters before serving us the porridge in a bowl. The porridge soup tasted really good with the mixed taste of seafood, chicken and shaoxing wine. I love the soup! The porridge was perfectly cooked as the rice absorbed the essence from the soup.

Saving the best till the last.
I love the juicy, succulent texture of the lobsters! This awesome dish is a must-try!

Steamed Batin Fish H.K Style (港式清蒸八丁), S$35.
Batin fish has a lot of fatty meat, meaning it has a lot of collagen but sadly, I don't enjoy fatty meat. 

Steven Chicken (招牌雞排骨), S$12, S$18 & S$24.
Chef Steven revealed that the kids love this dish and for most families who brought their kids along, they always order this dish. The chicken wings were semi-deboned, making it very convenient to eat the meat without having to dirty our hands and the wings were cooked crispy and sweet. I believe the chef glazed it with a layer of honey. No wonder the kids love this dish, I love it too!

Smoked Duck (煙燻鸭), S$18 & S$36.
The duck meat was well-cooked, giving it a tender texture instead of being tough. I love the texture of the meat but felt that the duck taste was not strong enough and was a little disappointed with it. 

Wasabi Prawns (芥末虾), S$15 & S$30.
The shell was mostly removed, making it easy to eat the prawns. It was my first time trying Wasabi prawns and initially, I thought the wasabi taste might be strong and choking, but I was wrong! The sauce tasted creamy and sweet with the mayonnaise and only a tinge of wasabi. This dish is suitable for kids and people who can't take spicy food.

Dessert -- Potong Red Bean Ice-cream.
I love the Potong red bean ice-cream. Reminds me of primary school time. Love the chucks of red bean in the ice-cream.

The above dishes costed S$288 and serve 6-8 pax.

Orchid Live Seafood has 2 outlets in Singapore and the restaurant located at 18 Jalan Kelulut is their largest with 2 halls, a karaoke room and 3 VIP rooms adjoining one another.

If you would also like to tryout their mouth-watering dishes, here's their location.



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