Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sorci age Launches it's Spring Summer 2012 collection! [Info]

Sorci age means charming in French (pronounced saw-see-arch). A quality brand for the urban young woman, sorci age is a sister brand of international lingerie brand Wacoal that is specially created for those in touch with her sexuality and loves defining her personal taste.

The sorci age Spring Summer 2012 collection by Wacoal is a result of inspiration from the French chic. The modern mademoiselle is carefree, creative and energetic while maintaining her role as an intelligent, hardworking member of society. She indulges in fun and excitement amidst her day to day activities.

With “A Beautiful Mind” as the theme for their latest collection, intelligence meets beauty - the new sorci age girl spends her Sundays lazily browsing through the works of Proust as she saunters around the book store oozing sensuality.

Her light turquoise demi bra is embellished with a satin pink bow for sweetness, with plunging push up for added voluptuousness. Leaning toward the less conventional, new dainty wave cuts outlines the bra cups in a break from regular plain looking ones. Lace adorns the sides and bra cups for a look that is tres sensuel.

Her daydreams of adventure are as beautiful and beguiling as her new sorci age Spring Summer lingerie. The appropriately matching brief, with its cute pink bow is sweet and lacy and comes in boy leg that exemplifies not only Spring Summer, but the free spirited, energetic new sorci age girl.

The new sorci age girl leaves an enchanting aura in her wake. Be sure to follow her on her belle aventures this year!

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