Saturday, February 4, 2012

Little Update on My Side

Hi everyone, I know my blog is growing cobwebs, so sorry for not being able to provide updated post as frequently as before. There are various reasons to it.

My laptop got a little cock up and it hangs frequently or automatically shut down suddenly. It's especially frustrating when I want to upload photos as it made my laptop stopped functioning and I got to switch it off then on again. I've just gotten the laptop fixed and it's working much better now but still not as awesome as before. But at least, I'll be able to blog again.

My Grandpa was hospitalised due to heart problem and we were all worried for him as he's very old but I'm glad that he's finally well to be discharged today. Thank God for blessing Grandpa! I hope he can live healthily for many more years to come.

Work was piling, one after another. When I completed one, there's always more coming. It's very stressful but I'm glad that I managed to cope well.

All right, that's a little update on my side. Stay tuned for upcoming posts.



  1. Welcome back! Had been wondering about your "disappearance" but glad you are alright now.

    1. Thanks Pat! There are really a lot of things happening lately, hence the lack of updates. I'll try to be back on track soon.

      See ya and take care too!


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