Friday, February 10, 2012

Fashion Peek : It's Time to Bring Back Tulip Skirt Design!

If you are unfamiliar with tulip skirts, maybe you will know better the shape of tulips.
Tulip skirts have more fabric around the hips than pencil skirts, giving them the shape of an inverted tulip. It gained popularity back in Fall 2009 and became a highly fashionable trend that many ladies adore because Tulip skirts look good on most figure types, and offer ladies a better shaped hour-glass figure.

Tulip skirt design is such a pretty design that I decided to bring it back into my wardrobe and wear it with confidence, just like how Pencil skirts can last for many seasons, I believe Tulip skirts should be given the opportunity to shine as well.

I love the beautiful gathered draping effect on the Tulip skirt as it doesn't only add details to the whole dress but it's also great for concealing my little tummy.

The eye-catching golden buckled side created a POP against the green, making the dress looks atas. 
I really can't say NO to such a well-designed dress.

Of course, we cannot overlook the pretty kimono-styled shoulder design of this lovely apparel too, can we?
Aha, maybe the kimono-styled shoulder design didn't look very obvious here. 
I don't have sexy collar bones to show-off, so I rather not show too much of my meaty shoulders here. Hehe.

If you are deciding on how to wear such a dress in different ways, I have a few suggestions here.
1) For work, wear a blazer over this dress to look smartly dressed.
2) For evening dinners and *ahem*, all those wedding dinners happening in the Year of Dragon, wear the dress and match it with a piece of high-class looking necklace.
3) For causal meeting up with friends, throw a chic casual top over this dress.

Hope this week's Fashion Peek has been useful. You can find more beautiful apparels at as they launch new collections twice a week.


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