Saturday, January 14, 2012

Review: Sophie Monk's Double Lifting Masks

Hi everyone, today I'm sharing my review for Sophie Monk's Double Lifting Masks! :)
I mentioned about the Sophie Monk's Double Lifting Masks when I share my review for the Sophie Monk's Strawberry Bye Bye Blackhead Set
*I know it's been a long while and I'm so sorry to keep you guys waiting.*

There are 5 types of facial masks available for different skin types and conditions but I only got information for 4. The ingredients used in each facial mask were not stated on the package either.
Personally, the results that I always lookout for when I use facial mask is that the facial mask has to be very hydrating (because my skin is dry and thirsty), my skin has to turn out more radiant after use (because if the facial mask works well, it only make sense that your skin turned out looking more radiant than before), and if the facial mask offers an uplifting result then of course, it's a plus point which I love very much.

With my points stated above, I'm going to review Sophie Monk's Double Lifting mask along this line.

When I tore open the packet of facial mask, I'm very happy to find the facial mask well soaked with essence and even after taking out the facial mask, there's still quite a lot of the essence left in the packet. If you're thinking whether the facial mask will be drippy and troublesome to use, I can promise you that it's not messy and troublesome at all.

The facial mask comes with an extra piece to be placed under your chin. It is supposed to give your chin the lifting effect so that your double chin (if you have double chin) doesn't look obvious and at the same time, hydrate your chin area. 
But I think it's too small and short in length for me because after I hooked it behind my ears, it bent my ears and felt as though it is cutting into my ear bone. It hurts a little.

The size of the facial mask is also too small for my face such that I find it pressing down on my eyelids and nose. It felt as though my face is being squeezed as it's a little tight. Not a very comfortable feeling.

My thoughts after use:
The facial mask hydrates my skin fairly well and my skin also looks more radiant than before. But, look at my left eye (the right side of the above photo)! The pressing resulted in me having a higher double eyelid! The effect is for temporary only. The remaining essence left on my skin after use got absorbed into my skin easily without leaving any stickiness. I didn't notice any uplifting effect after use though. :( Overall, I find this an average facial mask, not so fantastic that will make me returning for more. 

All right, thanks for looking. Have a great weekend everyone!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Sophie Monk, Singapore. The item was sent to me for review consideration. Review published here is based on my own experiences and opinions. I am not getting paid for sharing this review.


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