Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fashion Peek : Collar Fever!

Hi everyone! It's another round of Fashion Peek again! 
If you have noticed from the previous season fashion runways, emphasis has been made on the collar. An example would be the Peter Pan collar brought to fame by Louis Vuitton which added a touch of youthful and innocence feel to the wearer of such outfit.
Versions from DKNY (right), Giambattista Valli (center), and Louis Vuitton for Fall 2011. Source: WireImage  

Emphasis on the collar is continuing even for Spring 2012 as seen in Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Chanel Spring 2012 fashion shows but this time, it's no longer restricted to simple Peter Pan collar but a bolder collar design of different shapes, colours and patterns. It's time to get apparel with a special collar!

In Dressabelle's #256 collection, I'm glad to have found this Sailorette Collar Dress.
Dressabelle's Sailorette Collar Dress reminded me of ASOS Double Collar top which I wanted to own because of its unique two colour collar which is a really pretty and eye-catching design, so when I saw Dressabelle's Sailorette Collar Dress, my eyes brightened up.

And thanks to the folks at Dressabelle, I managed to get hold of their Sailorette Collar Dress which comes in awesome quality! I love Dressabelle for their promising quality, cutting and designs.

Besides adding contrast to the little black dress, the collar helps to brighten up the look of the wearer. The eye-catching collar makes dressing really simple as not much accessories would be needed, just a simple pair of earring is sufficient to complement the whole look. You can look sweet and pretty in no time! Great for those morning rushes when you still want to look your best.

If you feel that the waist area looks kind of plain, you can add on a piece of long necklace to give a different feel to this whole outfit.

And here's another way you can wear this dress. 
If you love the structured pleated skirt design of this Sailorette Collar Dress as much as I do and wish to create a different look, you can choose to add a top over. However, it would be good if your top is made of light cooling material so that you don't feel too warm in Singapore's weather.
Without revealing the double colour collar, no one would know that it's the same piece of dress except yourself! 

That's all for this week's Fashion Peek, and I hope you like it!
Don't forget to quote Yvonne256 when you make your purchase to get free postage.

Thanks for looking!

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