Saturday, December 3, 2011

Domino’s Delicious Cheese Overload!

Yes, you've read it right and the title isn't kidding. It is true that you can get cheese overloaded at Domino's. Because, only at Domino's, you get generous amounts of 100% mozzarella cheese in your pizzas, and you can have your mouth filled with pizzas full of CHEESE! Thanks to Domino's and, the bloggers got to taste Domino's cheesy pizzas and I'm telling you honestly, Domino's does live up to its promise!

Before I bring in the photos of all the cheesy pizzas, here's Domino's Marketing Manager.
She gave us an introductory to Domino's and how we can even make our order through Domino's website: anytime, anywhere. You can even preset the date you would like Domino's to deliver your order, for example today is Saturday and you would like your order to be delivered on the coming Thursday at a certain timing, Domino's can do it for you. This is how customer-oriented Domino's is. 

The thing that amazes me the most for online ordering is Domino's GPS tracker. This GPS doesn't stands for Global Positioning System. It actually stands for Great Pizza Service. You must be wondering, what is this Great Pizza Service about? See the photo below then.
Domino's GPS tracker is able to tell you the stages at which your order is at. Domino's also promises a 30 minutes delivery guarantee, which means within 30 minutes, your order will be delivered right to your door step after you've placed your order. If Domino's fails to deliver within 30 minutes, Domino's will give you a free regular Pizza voucher! 

Within 12 minutes, our orders were delivered to us!

Ready for some chessy Domino's pizzas, anyone? 


No? Yes?

Are you sure you are ready?

Are you very sure that you are ready?

Alright then, here comes Domino's PIZZAS!

Hawaiian Paradise 
100% mozzarella cheese with succulent smoked chicken breast, turkey ham and juicy pineapples.  

Classic Pepperoni 
100% mozzarella cheese with generous portions of Beef pepperoni.

Classified Chicken
100% mozzarella cheese with succulent smoked chicken breast, fresh onions and mushrooms.

Chicken Temptation
100% mozzarella cheese with succulent smoked chicken breast, turkey ham, green and red pepper.

100% mozzarella cheese with Beef pepperoni, cabanossi, ground beef, fresh onions, green pepper, mushrooms and ripe olives.

My favorites out of the above pizzas are Classic Pepperoni and Extravaganzza. I love these thin crusts pizzas and their flavorful ingredients balanced extremely well with the overloading amount of cheese. These 2 pizzas are sure to make you crave for more! 

Twisty Bread
Freshly baked, twisty garlic bread.

Golden Roasted Drummet
Savor the perfect combination of savory and lip-smacking goodness.

Garlic Cheese Onion Rings
Delicious onion rings baked to perfection and coated with garlic cheese seasoning. Must try, definitely!

Crazy Chicken Crunchies
Lightly breaded with savory herbs, made with 100% white breast meat.

Soft and fluffy breadsticks sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, baked to perfection then served with sweet icing.

Chocolate Lava Cake
Oven baked chocolate cakes, crunchy on the outside with molten chocolate on the inside. Discover a lusciously melted soft chocolate centre, overflowing with chocolatey goodness.

I love Domino's sides very much. All the sides shown above tasted fantastically awesome! You really have to (MUST) try their sides if you dine at Domino's. I'm sure going back to Domino's for their tasty sides!

Eat-in, takeaway, delivery service, all provided by Domino's. 
Call 6222 6333 to place your order. Or order through Domino's website.

Check out Domino's website ( for more discounts and offers!    

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