Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review: Naruko Niaouli & Tea Tree Balancing Serum (Tea Tree Oil Out Balancing Serum)

Hi everyone, thanks for revisiting my blog. As promised, today I will be sharing my review about Naruko Niaouli & Tea Tree Balancing Serum (which has been revised to Tea Tree Oil Out Balancing Serum【茶树超油切】毛孔调理精华). This product is said to help clarify pores and keep skin hydrated, so how does this product really work? Let's check it out yo!
Here's the ingredient list:
Yes, all the ingredients are listed in the 2 photos shared above. It is a very long list indeed!

Product information:
Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Balancing Serum is stronger in thoroughly controlling sebum and freshly moisturizing with its unique balancing formula. Formulated with various natural plant extracts, it effectively relieves the skin and strengthens long-lasting hydration, maintaining moisture balance. At the same time, it removes dead skin cells, cleaning and purifying pores. It regulates sebum secretion of the skin’s surface and suppresses the formation of pimples. It gives total antiseptic treatment, promotes the repair of the skin, and reduces the sediment of melanin as well as the formation of acnes. It helps revitalize the skin, leaving it uneasy to suffer from acnes.

Suitable for
Oily and Acne Skin / Combination Skin

Let's check out how this product works:
The dropper is joined to the cap of this product.

My thoughts:
As compared to Naruko Apple Seed & Tranexamic Acid Soothing White Hydra Essence this Tea Tree Oil Out Balancing Serum comes in a thicker solution but this serum is rather easy to spread out on the skin as became a watery texture while spreading the serum. This serum also feels much cooler on the skin most probably due to the peppermint ingredient in this serum. After using this serum, it made my skin feels cooling and hydrating, a very comfortable feeling which helps to calm my skin. However, with regards to whether this serum helps in keeping blackheads and pimples at bay, I didn't find that this serum did much work. This serum is too hydrating, so it made my pimples swell instead of drying up. The serum helped to close my pores but still, it didn't help to prevent the formation of blackheads. Overall, I find that this serum does minimal in preventing blackheads formation and curing of pimples but I love the hydrating and cooling sensation plus the soothing, pleasant scent. This is still a product that I will reach out for during warm weathers to keep my skin cool and calm but not when I have pimples on my skin. 

Directions to apply this serum:
Pump 1-2 times to dispense a proper amount (around 0.5ml) to face after using lotion. Wipe, pat and press into skin. Follow with moisturizer and eye care. Extra care could is possible to spots or dull areas. Leave on for 3-5 minutes and pat into skin with fingertips.

Are you excited to find out what's the design inside the box? 
For this box, it is going to become a box carrier. So creative right?
That's all for this review. If there's anything more that you would like to know about this serum, feel free to ask me. ^_^

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Naruko, Singapore. Product showcased was sent to me  for my reviewing. Review published here is based on my own experiences and opinions. I am not getting paid for this.


  1. It's about time Niu Er comes out with his own line! Clever idea about reusing the unit boxes though.. definitely brownie points for the eco-friendly part ;)
    Thanks for sharing!

    <3 Dee

  2. Yes, I agree. I like his eco-friendly idea too! Very creative!

    You're welcome! Hope what I've shared is informative and useful for you. =D


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