Friday, August 12, 2011

Review: Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss Shower Scrub & InchLoss Body Cream

Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss Slogan:
7 Days Slims ½ Inch!
With Increased Heat Sensation to Firm Skin & Burn Fats Faster!
Shown in the above photo are the Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss Shower Scrub and InchLoss Body Cream.
Below shows the directions to use the Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss Shower Scrub and InchLoss Body Cream.
Let's check out how the Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss Shower Scrub and InchLoss Body Cream looks like.
1) My thoughts about Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss Shower Scrub:
I did not feel anything on my skin when I initially apply the shower scrub but after a few minutes, I get a very slight heated up feeling. However, after rinsing off the shower scrub, the heated feeling was also gone and my skin felt a slight cooling sensation instead. Regarding the microbeads in this shower scrub, I find the microbeads too fine and too little in amount to be able to effectively scrub off dead skin cells. Scent wise, this scrub smells really pleasant and uplifting with the floral scent. Overall, I didn't find this product too fascinating and I wasn't able to see any visible slimming result after finishing the trial tube.
My Rating: 1/5
Retail price and additional info:

2) My thoughts about Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss Body Cream:
Similarly, I didn't experience much feeling initially while applying this body cream but this body cream started to heat up much sooner than the shower scrub and I could see my skin turning red as my skin gets heated up and I also experience a very slight itchiness but I'm glad that the itchiness was bearable. The body cream feels light-weighted and gets absorbed easily into the skin, and I did not experience any sticky or greasy texture on my skin after applying this body cream. The scent for this product is also very pleasant and nice. Sharing an advise here, please use a disposable glove when applying this body cream as the cream could get into the nails which is difficult to wash off thoroughly and you also won't want to sting your eyes when you rub your eyes with your fingers. Overall, I find this product quite an average but I am happy that I did not develop any rashes or side effects to this cream.
My Rating: 2.5/5
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