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Exclusive Interview With Judy Lin Lao Shi (林叶亭老师)

Have you read the post yesterday about Judy Lin Lao Shi (林叶亭老师) Beauty Event?

On the same day of the Beauty Event, a total of 5 bloggers were privileged to be given the opportunity to have a backstage interview session with Judy Lao Shi. Topics covered in the interview include beauty, skin care, fashion and many more. 

We have a record of the interview session with Judy Lao Shi, thanks to Michelle! Michelle has also kindly shared with me the translation she did (I edited some parts). Thank you so much Michelle! <3

Enjoy listening to the interview as I shared the photos that I took during the interview in the video. :)
(The interview had been split into 2 parts.)



1.Share with us how you manage to keep yourself in tip-top condition? We’d all love to hear that!
Judy Laoshi's Reply: 
We must be hardworking. Keeping in good shape isn't done within 2-3 days. Instead, you need the motivation and perseverance to look after your skin. You may not see the difference to your skin now, but years down the road, you'll definitely look better than those of the same age as you. 

2.I noticed that most Taiwanese have great complexion and good figure! How did all of you actually do it? Mind sharing with us a tip or two? And, what is your usual skin care routine? 
Judy Laoshi's reply:
Actually I noticed that Singaporeans have better shape than us! Haha! I guess all of us ladies out there are always trying to look good in every aspect and angle. Perhaps one of the reasons is because we are all under influences of Japanese and Korean fashions, and the variety shows in Taiwan like Nv Ren Wo Zui Da. This made us have this mindset that we have to be slim/fit. 
 As time goes by, people started having high expectations of themselves, and they started to work out, keep fit and take care of their skin/complexion/shape. Currently, even ladies of a younger age start to care about their appearance. 
I hope that ladies in Singapore will also love being beautiful and spend more time and effort on their make up and skincare, and with that, I think you will look good too!

3.Actually, this question might sound a bit weird/bored, but would you mind telling us the correct steps in a daily skin care routine?
Judy Laoshi's reply:
It all starts with removing makeup as the first step. Followed by cleanser, toner, essence, lotion, moisturizer. However, it varies for different cases, take for example, Singapore experience summer all season, hence, we need to do some whitening. All we need to do is to adjust accordingly, accordingly to the temperature, environment etc., so for people living in Singapore, most likely that you just need to stick to those that you frequently use.

4.What are the ways to prevent acne/ blemishes from attacking us? To be frank, I'm suffering from it and I’ve tried all ways and products, but it doesn't seem to last.
Judy Laoshi's Reply:
Ah! That's a good question. First of all, you got to find out the root cause of it. Is it due to stress, hereditary, diet or other reasons? After you have found the root cause of it, then it is time to change/ minimize the cause of it. You should also try not to eat too heaty or spicy food, as it would worsen the condition.
One of the reasons that causes breakout might be due to clog pores.
For blemish prone skin, I would suggest using something that contains some medicated ingredients, I would personally recommend using whitening series. It does not only soothe the skin, it also helps to lighten our acne scars.
Alternatively, you can also try to purchase those products that is specially formulated for blemish prone skin. 

(Here are some of the products that she recommends)

5.I believe all of us suffer from large pores, blackheads and whiteheads, so what are the ways to keep them at bay?
Judy Laoshi's Reply: 
Use some pore softener beforehand before using your normal pore clarifying methods. But do always remember to use toner to prevent your pores from enlarging.

Next, Michelle was invited to be the model while Judy Lao Shi did demonstration on her. Judy Lao Shi removed makeup on half of Michelle's face. (The interview continued.)

6.What are the few essential items you will recommend to achieve a healthy beautiful you?
Judy Laoshi's reply: 
Firstly, I would recommend Shill's Miracle Lift, Body Contouring control. Next, I would suggest Shill's SPF42 PA++ Sunblock Whitening Hydra-Foundation. Next, I would suggest Shill's Cold Gel Mask.

7.What is good skin to you and what are your secrets to achieving good skin? 

Judy Laoshi's Reply:
To me, Good skin is definitely skin without problems. The pores has got to be small, no blemishes, easy to adapt to the environment. As for the secrets, I personally think that you got to find the product that is really suitable to you.

8.Do you have any special facial massage techniques that you can impart to us?
Judy Laoshi's reply:
Yes I do have. Actually I've already show some of the methods on stage...

9.What are some of the hairstyles that suits different face shapes?

Judy Laoshi's reply:
Actually you can try some curls. Inward curls can help to make your face looks smaller and slimmer. Outward curls give a different effect. You can try different hairstyles to create different looks.

10. For those with thin fine hair that often looks flat and limp, what kind of hairstyles will make such hair look naturally thick & voluminous?
Judy Laoshi's reply: 
You can use Shill's Dust It powder to make it look voluminous, alternatively, you can also play with your hair curler. :)

11.How would you recommend eye bags and dark eye circles to be treated?
Judy Laoshi's reply:
First of all, find the root cause of eye bags and dark eye circles. After finding out the root cause, you can start using some creams specially formulated for eye bags and dark eye circles. Oh Ya! Always remember to massage your eye area to make it better.

12.For those with double chin, is there any way of minimizing it?

Judy Laoshi's reply:
You got to exercise more, and also, massage the area around your double chin to stimulate blood circulation.

13.You are a successful businesswoman and a famous hairstylist. Did you attend any special class or is this self-taught?

Judy Laoshi's reply: 
Yes, I attended styling classes in Japan back then, around 20 years ago? 

14. Can you share with us about your journey? Have you always wanted to be a fashion stylist? Or did you stumble upon your talent by chance?
Judy Laoshi's reply:
Actually, I took up various commercials while I was in my high school, and I was so envious about those stylists that used different styles to  make me look so modern. To be, stylist is like a magician, they can create all kinds of styles. So after that, I started to study about styling. And with the help of those sponsors etc, I began to gain more knowledge about different products and the uses of ingredients in the products.

15. What are the 3 products you will always carry with you.

Judy Laoshi's reply: 
Hmm, I would say the volumising powder, the hyra-foundation and also lip pencil/lipstick. 

We have come to the end of the interview. Thanks for watching and reading. Hope the content of this interview will be useful for you! ^_^

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Beauty Bistro and Sasa Cosmetics Singapore. I am not paid for publishing this post.

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