Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Prevview Declared Visumé War in Singapore!!!

Prevview, Asia's first interactive video job portal, aims to help individuals, companies and recruiters to differentiate themselves with the power of video resumes and profiles. 

1) Dedicated Profile Page – Just like Facebook and it’s Free!
Imagine having a jobseeker profile where you can express your true self professionally and effectively. Your outstanding soft skills and vibrant personalities will no longer have to be dormant within a piece of paper. Prevview enables you to give a voice and personality to your paper resumes, through cutting edge video streaming technology. 
You no longer need to attach various documents to your potential employer. Speak to them directly through your visumés and let them know why you should be hired. Back your visumés up with downloadable important and relevant documents such as cover letter, resume, portfolio, and reference letters . 

2) Two-Pronged Approach To Job Search 
A) Search for Jobs with our comprehensive search function and apply immediately. Because our Employers are provided with unlimited job postings, jobseekers can rest assure that they will get the most updated job vacancies in town.  
B) Be headhunted by registered Employers - All employers are provided with the Search capability where they can search for and request to interview candidates. 
3)  In-Depth Information about Employers   
It is important to understand a job scope before applying for a job – no one wants to come off as unsure or be taken by surprise during an interview. 
To enable jobseekers to be as well prepared as possible, Prevview has created dedicated profile pages for employers as well! Everything you need from the HR Video, to Written Profiles and comprehensively described Job Postings to Getting Hired Tips and Q&A can be found under one roof, the Employer Profile Page.   
4) Visumé Guide  
With our tech world ablaze with fancy gadgets, Prevview assures all jobseekers that making a visumé takes only 5 simple steps. is well furbished with a comprehensive video guide as well as Visumé tips and articles to help you along the way
[URL to Visume Guide:]  

5) Privacy Settings 
A) All profiles are viewable only by registered Employers. What’s more, our technology ensures that Employers will not be able to save your video on their computers. 
B) You have the option of keeping your profile entirely private [employers cannot search for you, but you can browse through employer profiles and still apply for jobs!].   
C) The “Block” feature lets you insert keywords that will block views from everyone associated with them. For e.g. Prevview is your employer and you do not wish for them to see that you have a profile on the portal. Simply enter Prevview as a keyword and any Employer associated with Prevview will not be able to view your profile! 

Prevview has declared an official Visumé War in Singapore. Everyone from the age of 18-35* is allowed to step into the professional battle field, in a quest to differentiate yourselves.

Stand out from the sea of jobseekers with similar talents and credentials and, to prevent themselves from being lost under a stack of paper resumes. 

Entry is simple and the prizes, amazing!! You can get a beautiful iPad2 or a job position [or both!]

The power to conquer is in your hands! 

All you need to do is put together a Visume – what we at Prevview call Video Resumes – that will show and tell us why you would make a great employee. You can sing, dance, rap, produce a movie or even sell a brick. Be it creative or professional, do it your way and boldly express your best self. 

50 prizes to be won!

Scoring Process
How will the Winners be chosen?  
1)   Category A – where you will get to win a job – representatives from our participating partners will judge your Visume entry. 
2)   Category B – prize only – will be based on the People's Choice, which is the sum of “Likes” and “Unique Views” at the end of the competition. 

How will the Winners of the Job Positions be chosen?  
All entries for Category A – where you will get to win a job - will be judged on their individual merits, messaging and how creative their Visumes are. They will be chosen by the participating employers. 

How do you calculate the scores for the People’s Choice?  
The score for the People’s Choice spots will be calculated from the number of 'likes' and 'views' that an entry receives. 

Will the scores for the People’s Choice be displayed online?  
Yes, the score for each video entry will be displayed online. 

When will the Winners of the Job Positions and Prizes be announced?  
Winners will be announced on the 10th of August, 2011 

About the prize? 

What is the prize for this competition?  
There are two categories: 
1)   CATEGORY A: Participants who selected this category will not only be eligible for the prizes from the Regular Category, but will also stand a chance to win a job with the participating Employer of their choice.
2)   CATEGORY B: Participants who selected this category will be able to win attractive prizes. However, they will not be eligible to win a job from our participating employers. 

Answer the declaration for war now - Prevview is providing you the weapon and you just have to bring it!

*The competition is open to anyone in any country. However, collection of prizes will be done in the Singapore Prevview office.

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