Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fotolia Stock Photo House

Today I will be sharing about Fotolia, one of the top stock photo houses in the world that offers royalty free images, HD video, and lots more. So far, there are 13,652,217 images, vectors and HD videos available at Fotolia.

In the past, taking images from Google was the first choice, but now with the incredibly low prices of stock photos and the increase in legal action for copyright issues, it is much safer to use a stock photo house if you need any images.

All images offered on Fotolia are Royalty free, they can be used for all kinds of professional documents with no limit on time or copies:
  • Creation of advertising media
  • Creation of professional documents
  • Illustration of press articles
  • Illustration of websites, blogs, newsletters, web banners...
  • Illustration multimedia documents
  • Illustration / Decorations on TV shows or movies
  • Creation of derivative products (Extended license)
About Fotolia:
Fotolia is convinced that the principle reason for illegal pirated use of protected images is mainly due to the high price barrier created by other agencies.

Fotolia provides a compromise between photographers and buyers, by protecting a photographer's intellectual property rights and offering high commissions, while legally lowering the price barrier so that everyone may enjoy/afford these beautiful images.

In addition, Fotolia challenges the traditional closed agency model by offering the opportunity to monetize their talents to everyone, hobbyist or professional, whatever their fame, status, or size of portfolio may be.

Thanks to a collaborative online model, Fotolia is able to offer individuals and professionals (advertising agencies, press, small business, graphic artists, designers) the greatest image collection in the world for free or as little as $0.75.

Great news for my readers:
If you would like to try Fotolia, Fotolia is glad to offer you a free 2 weeks subscription (with 3 image downloads per day). You can email me and tell me that you are interested to try Fotolia and a special code will be emailed to you for your personal use.

You may check out Fotolia galleries which are a collection of the top images in Fotolia organized by subject. :

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Fotolia and I'm not paid for sharing this.

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