Monday, June 20, 2011

ELLE Fashion Runway Show

I received the invitation by ELLE Magazine to the Fashion Runway Show held at Pacific Plaza. I love watching real live fashion shows. Nothing beats watching those beautiful pieces right in front of your own eyes. I was filled with excitement while waiting for the show to begin.

In this post, I will be sharing photos of the fashion show and the awesome pieces that were displayed to us.

Warning: This post is photo heavy but definitely good stuff. I didn't add my watermark to the photos but please ask for my permission if you are taking any of my photos. Thanks. :))

There's also the Best Dress competition for attendees.

The Models are getting ready to rock the runway! The Models got down and up using the escalator. SUPER COOL!!! I wonder who came up with this brilliant idea.

Let the show begin!!!

(*Click below to read more. This post is very long due to the photos.) 

 End of Fashion Show. 

Thank you ELLE Magazine for the invitation! 

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