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Review on AFC Japan's CHŌ Beauty (Detox , Beauty , Slimming)

Hi lovelies, today I would like to share with you my review on AFC Japan's CHŌ Beauty which I am glad to have come across, and have been consuming it on a daily basis.

This product is suitable for people who are experiencing any of the 3 symptoms below and having these symptoms actually meant that your intestines are aging faster than it should be, and it is time we do something about it.
1. Acne, dull or sallow complexion
2. Constipation or diarrhea
3. Bad breath
4. Poor immunity
5. Sluggishness and lethargy
6. Bloated discomfort
7. Overweight
8. Thinning hair
9. Yeast infection
10. Inability to absorb nutrients

To understand whether your intestines are healthy or not, you can do a 3-seconds stool check. Quick and easy!

With Harvard University, leading Japanese Universities and medical centres

This product comes in a box of 30 sachets in Grapefruit flavour. Personally, I feel that the taste is like McDonald's orange juice but slightly sour, so I like to add honey and mix together before consuming. It tasted really nice after adding honey! You should try it too!

Let's read on to find out more about AFC Japan's CHŌ Beauty and be on your way to Detox, Beauty and Slimming.

The photos below show how the product looks like before and after mixing with water.

Now, you might ask me, how would AFC Japan's CHŌ Beauty help in Detoxifying, Beauty and Slimming? Read on to find out!● з ●

How is AFC Japan's CHŌ Beauty different?
AFC CHŌ BEAUTY contains 101 billion friendly bacteria, clinically proven to cleanse and eliminate harmful toxins, to restore the natural balance of good bacteria in your digestive tract, and balance your intestinal environment.

Check out the ingredients:

The 4 main ingredients: Advanced FK-Bacteria, Bifidus Bacteria, Prebiotic and Dietary Fiber

Advanced FK-23 Bacteria
  • Stable and powerful to survive harsh stomach acid to reach large intestine.
  • Effectively eliminate toxic intestinal waste and restores natural balance of good bacteria in digestive tract.

Bifidus Bacteria
  • Largest colony of intestinal good bacteria that helps release energy and nutrients from food.
  • Resistant probiotic strain with the unique ability to bypass stomach acid conditions to reach the gut intact for effective intestinal regulation.
  • Neutralises adverse effects of anti-biotics.

Prebiotic (Inulin)
  • Selectively grows and multiples good bacteria
  • Reaches large intestine intact for to balance healthy gut flora

Soluble Dietary Fiber
  • Bulking agent to soften stool for easy removal
  • Bind toxins 10 times its weight
  • Supports excess fat removal and promotes healthy weight loss

Good Health Begins from Your Intestines

Time to experience a new level of detox, beauty and slimming 
* Flattens tummy. Removes accumulated intestinal waste, reduces bloating, organ fat, and promotes healthy weight loss.
* Improves complexion. Promotes skin clarity and improves acne conditions for visibly brighter skin.
* Reduces constipation and diarrhea. Regulates bowel movement to reduce constipation or diarrhea, and improves digestion.
* Jumpstarts sluggish system. Reduces bad breath, improves immunity and increases energy levels.

My thoughts:
After consuming AFC Japan's CHŌ Beauty daily for 2 weeks (a sachet in the morning before breakfast), I experienced better digestion, and my stool lightens in shade, from a very dark brown to a lighter shade of brown now and it is much less stinky. AFC Japan's CHŌ Beauty is not a laxative, so it did not give me any runs, bloated feeling or uncomfortable feeling. Consuming it every morning feels like I'm taking a cup of fruit juice every day. I have also experienced lesser bad breadth in the morning and more regulate bowel movement. Regarding a flatter tummy, I guess will have to consume for a longer period to observe the result.

How to take?
Method 1: Pour directly into mouth
1. Drink a mouthful of water
2. Pour the powder gradually into mouth. Drink water in between.
3. Repeat to finish the whole sachet
Method 2: Mix with water
1. Add one sachet to 150ml - 200ml water
2. Stir to dissolve the content
3. Drink immediately.  

For me, I prefer method 2 to method 1 as it taste better and more convenient to consume through this method.

My rating: 4/5


Lifestream Group is currently having promotion for this, so instead of the usual price of SGD74.90, it is selling at $65.33 (this is the price before GST, after GST is $69.90).

How to purchase:
AFC Japan's CHŌ Beauty can be purchased through online and Lifestream Group offers delivery of your purchases to your door step, both locally and internationally.

AFC Japan's CHŌ Beauty is also available in all Unity Healthcare and the Living Pharmacy, selected Watsons, Guardian, John Little & Robinsons. If you would like to check if AFC Japan's CHŌ Beauty is available anywhere near you, you may check HERE

For more information, enquiries about AFC Japan's CHŌ Beauty, you can check out their page HERE.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to AFC Japan. Review published here is based on my own experience and opinion. I am not getting paid for sharing this review.

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