Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Labour Day!

Hello to my Singaporean readers, today is the 1st of May, it is Labour Day!
Yay! There is no work or school on the coming Monday!  \(^@^)/
Greetings to my international readers too!

I have been slacking this weekend, sleeping till late then spend the rest of the day reading a book with my cuppa, watch television, and doing nothing else at home. Wow, what a relaxing life. I like it!

I'm not going to step out of the house this weekend as I'm rather broke from all those previous shoppings but at the same time, I am excited to see those $$$ in my bank account. $$$ from the government when election is nearing. A week left to the election date. I'm still thinking which party I should vote for.

And, I would like to share this video that I just saw on facebook. This video compares the salary of Prime Minister/ President of different countries.This is an old video, that means our Prime Minster Mr. Lee Hsien Loong's salary is much higher now. Sigh. There goes our taxpayers' money.....

Next I saw this most recent video mentioning our Prime Minster Mr. Lee Hsien Loong's salary. So disappointing...

Happy Labour Day everyone! Enjoy your holidays!

I am craving for cookies......


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