Thursday, May 19, 2011

Audi Fashion Festival: Francis Cheong Couture 2011 Runway Show

I was present for Francis Cheong Couture 2011 Runway Show and this is the first fashion runway show that I've attended. Even though the area was kind of crowded but the atmosphere at the Audi Fashion Festival was excellent and I had an awesome time there. After this runway show, I kind of feel the surge of wanting to attend more of such fashion runway show. \(^∀^)ノ

In this post, I won't be sharing much photos as my pictures were kind of blur but luckily xinmsn took a video of the show, so I will be sharing the video of Francis Cheong Couture 2011 Runway Show.

Before watching the runway show, let us hear what Francis Cheong says about his designs. :)

After watching the above video, did it make you excited to watch this runway show and find out how Francis Cheong included the oriental feel in his pieces? Then you got to watch the next video!

While watching the video, look out for Pamelyn Chee, Irene Ang and Christy Chung walking the runway! ;)

Did you manage to spot Pamelyn Chee, Irene Ang and Christy Chung walking the runway?

Yup, that's all for the runway show. Here's a last glance at all the glamorous pieces of the night.

Below are photos of other bloggers and me.
 Crystal, Tsuriki Mok and yours truly.

 Tsuriki Mok and yours truly.

Yes, we saw Andrea De Cruz at the show! Andrea De Cruz looked really gorgeous that night and I'm so happy that we managed to have a picture with her. We saw other celebrities too but so sad, didn't get to snap a photo with them. In the photo above, we have Isabella, Andrea De Cruz, yours truly, Jing and Tsuriki Mok.

Hope you've enjoyed this post.

Thank you Omy and Marie France Bodyline for the invitation to an awesome runway show! :)

Credits: Thank you Xinmsn for the videos. Thank you Omy and Jing Seah  for sharing with me the photos.

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