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Review on Viccal and Hanamei (Part 1)

Thanks to the lovely people from The Sample Store for inviting me to review these products from Viccal and Hanamei.

I have decided to divide the review into 2 parts since there are 3 products in total, so I think it will be better that I review on Viccal Serum in Part 1, Hanamei Masks and Hanamei Serum in Part 2.

Before I share my review, I love what Viccal mentioned and would like to share it with everyone.
I love this sentence "We only create skincare solutions that work with your skin." 
How often are we able to find a skincare product that works well for different types of skin? 
How can we ensure that the product we use won't lose its efficiency after a certain period of time? 
Well, lets check out how the serum from Viccal worked for my skin.

For Viccal's basic collection, they have 3 different types of serums, which are No. 1.10 Nurture & Strengthen, No. 2.11 Detoxify & Heal, No. 3.12 Revitalise & Energise.

Basically, No. 1.10 Nurture & Strengthen is recommended for skin that is occasionally dry but may shine by mid-day, and has slight blemishes on the skin. No. 2.11 Detoxify & Heal is recommended for skin that is prone to breakouts, acne and mild eczema. No. 3.12 Revitalise & Energise is recommended for dull, lackluster skin, and skin with mild pigmentation, freckles and sunspots.

The Viccal Serum that was recommended for my skin is No. 1.10 Nurture & Strengthen.

Additional info about No. 1.10 Nurture & Strengthen and the directions to use:
 This serum is recommended for the following skin conditions: 
* Skin prone to dryness such as chest and neck areas.
* Skin that is occasionally dry but may shine by mid-day.
* Younger skin that has slight blemishes.


 Let me share with you the colour and texture of this serum before I share my thoughts about it.
 The colour is slightly yellowish as shown in the photo.

Now, let me show you how this product worked.
The serum looks very watery in the photo but its actual texture is slight thicker than water. I like how the serum is able to spread out smoothly on my skin and I also like the soothing rose scent from this serum. However, when I apply this serum on my face, I could smell something like plant's sap after leaving the serum on my skin for more than 30 minutes but the smell isn't too bad actually. :)

After the serum got absorbed into my skin...
My skin definitely felt more hydrated and much smoother in texture. I like how this serum is able to keep my skin moisturised throughout the day.

My thoughts:
Initially, I wasn't too fond of this serum. Reason being, it gave me terrible breakouts. My face started to have breakouts after using for 1 weeks. I assumed that the serum was helping my skin to detox, and I continued using it, and at the same time, I love how well this serum was able to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day, and my T-zone also has lesser shine, so I used this serum for another week. In my 2nd week, I saw new acnes popped out on my face and there were some clogged pores on my skin, so I decided to go for extraction to clear the clogs. I continued to use the serum for the 3rd week and realised that the condition on my face was turning for the better. I used this serum for a month, and realised that this serum started to work better on my skin and breakouts got lesser even though I occasionally still get some breakouts and I believe the serum is working for my skin and my pores are less clogged now. My current skin now looks clearer and better.

Below, I will be sharing some photos of my face during the period that I'm using Viccal serum.

Warning: Images below can be quite gross. See it at your own risk!



Week 1:

Week 2 (after my extraction):

Current skin condition:

 My skin still isn't perfect but at least it is getting better.

My rating: 2.5/5 

Retail prices of the 3 different types of serum: 
No. 1.10 Nurture & Strengthen @ S$145 per bottle.
No. 2.11 Detoxify & Heal @ S$165 per bottle.
No. 3.12 Revitalise & Energise@ S$185 per bottle.

How you can get Viccal?
Besides contacting Viccal directly (call/email the contact details on website [] for orders or enquiries), VICCAL is currently stocked at 2 clinics listed here:

Thanks for reading. :)

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to The Sample Store and Viccal, Singapore. Review published here is based on my own experiences and opinions. I am not getting paid for sharing this review.


  1. Dear Yvonne,

    Thank you for the VICCAL Serum No. 1.10 Nurture & Strengthen review on your blog. It was wonderful to hear your opinion and see your photo testimonials.

    We’re very pleased to know the serum has helped your skin to be clearer and healthier. We know that other than skin sensitivity, outbreaks can be attributed to other factors such as hormonal changes, menstruation, stress, irregular sleep patterns, unbalanced diets, environmental exposure (sun, wind and pollution!) and many other reasons too.

    Have pimples is a natural way your body expels toxins, and some people experience more than others. It is a good idea to keep the skin clean and extract on a regular basis.

    At VICCAL, we strongly believe in the health of the skin, and know that with healthy skin comes beautiful skin.

    Please do continue to use VICCAL Serum No. 1.10 Nurture & Strengthen as it helps the skin to heal itself better and leave it stronger to deal with future skin issues.
    We look forward to more feedback from you, and will always be here on hand to respond to your skin queries.

    Warmest Regards,
    Vicky Xie
    Product Director
    VICCAL Pte Ltd

  2. Dear Vicky,

    Thanks for sharing so much information with me. It's really beneficial. Thank you!

    Best regards,


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