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Review: Leonard Drake UltraCalming Barrier Defense Facial

I was invited to try and review about Leonard Drake's New UltraCalming facial at Leonard Drake Skincare & Health Spa. It was truly a pampering session for my face and soul. Really awesome! 

Read on as I introduce this amazing facial treatment. :)

When I reached the saloon, I was given a questionnaire to fill in. The questionnaire has questions about my face, body, skincare I use, cosmetics I use, my lifestyle, amount of water intake etc.. This is definitely the most detailed questionnaire I've done and it makes me feel that Leonard Drake is truly concern about their clients.
After I've completed the questionnaire, I went through a 3-steps skin analysis before my facial treatment. The 3-steps are:
1. Consultation
2. Skin scanning
3. Face mapping

I will go through the 3-steps skin analysis as I share my facial experience at Leonard Drake.

1. Consultation:
Based on the questionnaire that I filled in, my consultant Miss Elaine Wong looked through the questionnaire and asked me some questions to better understand my concerns. I've learnt something from her in this process. If you drink a cup of coffee a day, you need to drink 4 cups of plain water to flush out the caffeine, so based on the amount of coffee I drink a day (2 cups), my water intake result is a deficit. I think that is why my skin always feel dehydrated.

2. Skin scanning:
A device was used to find out the condition of my face. I have to put my head into the device where there will be a mirror for me to see my face and the ultraviolet light was then switched on. The ultraviolet light made my underlying skin problems visible through the presentation of colours.
That's me with my consultant, checking my skin condition.

Skin Colour Chart:
1. Blue/White: Normal, healthy, hydrated skin.
2. White Spots: Thicker skin and dead cells.
3. Light Purple: Thin skin without enough moisture.
4. Light Brown: Formation of pigmentation below skin surface.
5. Darker Brown Patches or Spots: Freckles or pigmentation on skin surface.
6. Light Violet: Dehydrated skin.
7. Light Orange: Oily areas of the skin.
8. Bright Orange Dots: Comedones (i.e. blackheads and whiteheads).

Conditions seen on my skin: White spots on my forehead, light brown spots on my cheeks, light violet on my whole face, and bright orange dots on my forehead, nose and chin areas.

After consultation and skin scanning was done, I was led to the locker to keep my belongings. All jewelleries and earrings have to be removed and placed in a jewellery bag before placing in the locker. There is also a pair of slipper for client to change on.

I'm looking all excited for my treatment. And I love my news specs and makeup for that day! Hehe :) But I'm having a bad hair day. :(

I was also given a gown to change into before I proceed into the treatment room. They have dressing room for people to change into the treatment gown.

When I was in the treatment room, the room immediately gave me a comfortable feeling and the light also wasn't too dim nor too bright, just nice to give me the relax feeling. I looked at the bed and was surprise to see that they've provided a pillow for client to rest their legs on while having the treatment. This is something that I've never come across at other saloons. Leonard Drake is really thoughtful!

Procedures that went on for this UltraCalming facial treatment:

1. Remove eye and lip makeup with Dermologica Eye & Lip makeup remover. The remover comes in a gel form and it is gentle on the eyes, suitable for people with sensitive eyes. I was told that the remover is good for lash growth as well.

2. Remove face makeup with Dermologica oil makeup remover. The cleansing oil emulsify after adding some water and it effectively removed all the makeup on my face.

3. Face mapping. After all the makeup was removed from my face, my therapist was able to have a better look at my skin condition and she did face mapping analysis for me. This face mapping analysis is pretty accurate and I am impressed with this analysis which is a combination of Western and Eastern diagnosis.

What is Face Mapping? 
Face Mapping combines the latest advances in skin analysis techniques with the proven results of Chinese Diagnosis. The procedure divides the face into fourteen distinct zones (the image above did not show zones 4 and 14. Zone 4 is the right ear and zone 14 is the neck area) and provides an objective view of the skin’s condition and as well as an indication of any underlying health issues. Methodical analysis of the facial landscape enables the creation of specifically-designed treatments to address each client’s personal skin concerns. Face Mapping is only available from authorised Dermalogica skin care centres.

4. Face cleansing with the new launched Dermologica Ultracalming cleanser which my therapist later added the powder exfoliant to remove dead cells on my skin. The powder exfoliant is very fine and it does not feel harsh on my skin. I like it! 

5. Steaming. This procedure helped to soften my skin and open my pores before my extraction.

6. Extraction. The extraction was gentle, not painful at all and my therapist was really nice as she kept asking me if the pressure used on me was alright. She also used a wet cotton to wipe over the area after each extraction.

7. Applying anti-septic solution onto areas that my therapist just extracted to prevent infections.

8. Applying serum on my skin followed by a cold treatment where an icy cold equipment was lightly press it against my face to calm my skin. The cold equipment felt really cooling on my skin. My therapist was really nice to tell me that the equipment will feel cold, so I was mentally prepared for it. When the equipment touched my skin, the feeling was really good. Very shiok (meaning, extreme pleasure)!  

9. Shoulder, back and head massages. My therapist told me that she forgot to massage for me at the beginning of the treatment. If she didn't tell me I won't know too. She is really honest. I like her for her honesty. I would also like to compliment her for her massaging skills. Totally awesome! Honestly speaking, I've done massages at different saloons before, even at Bliss Spa but none is comparable to hers. Great job Elaine! :) Elaine is really capable of making me feel relaxed. The relax feeling is really great that I fell asleep without knowing until Elaine woke me up for the next procedure.
For the massages except the head massage, my therapist used lavender essential oil on me, then she placed her hand a few centimetres away from my face and told me to take 3 deep breaths according to her instructions. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. I like this part too! :)

10. Spraying of face mist. Elaine tapped on my shoulders lightly and told me that she's going to spray a calming mist on my face. She also told me that the mist will feel a bit cold. She's using the Dermologica UltraCalming mist. I fell back to sleep again while the soothing mist was sprayed on my face.

I don't know what went on after that as I fell asleep.

The next moment when I woke up, my therapist told me that she's going to apply a warm Oatmeal masque on my face. The Oatmeal smells really yummy. If only I could eat it! Haha! I was given 10minutes to rest with the Oatmeal masque on while my therapist dim the lights and left the room. I took a picture of it. Hehe. And soon, I fell back to sleep again.
This is the only picture I took when I was in the treatment room.

12. Removing the mask and Oatmeal masque. I was told that I just had the double masks which is great for calming and hydrating my skin. The Oatmeal masque will also help to brighten up my skin and make my skin more supple.  

What is "double masks"?
Double masks means a thin cloth mask soaked with serum was placed on the face first before another masque was placed on top of it. So it is like pampering your face with double goodness at a go. 

13. Wipe and cleanse face with a warm towel. My therapist let me try the temperature on my forehead first to check whether I am alright with the temperature before using it on my whole face. She also pressed the warm towel lightly on my eyes which gave a soothing feeling.

14. Applying the new Dermalogica Ultracalming products on my face. My therapist applied the Dermalogica UltraCalming serum concentrate followed by Dermalogica Barrier Repair and lastly, the sunblock. I'm very interested in the Dermalogica Barrier Repair as my skin is quite sensitive to dust, and I was told that this product is able to protect the skin against dirt and pollutants in the air, so it acts like a barrier on the skin. How cool is that! Dermalogica Barrier Repair is most suitable for people with sensitive skin.

15. The treatment ended with a short head, shoulder and back massages. The session ended off well. I like it!

What are the results I get after the treatment?  
More supple, fairer looking skin. My skin also felt more hydrated and smoother. I have a fresh pimple that popped out the day before I went for this treatment and the next day, my pimple subsided quite a lot. 

My therapist Miss Elaine Wong was really gentle with me and she is really thoughtful as well as she will ask me questions like "Are you feeling cold? Do you need extra blanket? Is the pressure used alright for you?" etc.. Elaine is really nice, and she made me feel really comfortable. She had successfully made me feel extremely relaxed in the treatment process. Thank you Elaine!

My rating: 5/5

I was given some samples of the Dermalogica UltraCalming range to try, which I will be sharing my reviews on my blog. Stay tuned for it! :)

Checking out the products that were sold at Leonard Drake outlet, I just realised that they have lots of varieties, from skincare to bodycare to cosmetics. Wow!
If you are interested in the UltraCalming Barrier Defense Facial, this facial costs $200 but there is 30% discount for people who are trying this facial treatment for the first time. If you are going to purchase this treatment package of 10 times, there will be complimentary eye treatment worth $850.

To find out more about the services that Leonard Drake offers, and the products and ranges that they are selling, you may check their website:

For Leonard Drake's lists of outlets in Singapore, you can check out here.

Additional info:
Leonard Drake (rebranded as AsterSpring recently) has opened 3 new outlets at Ang Mo Kio Hub, Sembawang Shopping Centre, The Clementi Mall.

Leonard Drake Skin Care & Health Spa centres in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Malaysia are known as AsterSpring. In 2011, the outlets in Singapore will follow suit in this regional alignment of rebranding Leonard Drake to AsterSpring in a matter of time. The move marks an exciting time by the same company owner (Esthetics International Group who owns Leonard Drake Skincare & Health Spa) in establishing the new name of AsterSpring for the Singapore market. Having been around for more than 26 years with 57 outlets regionally in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand, the company has helped over 1 million customers achieve good skin health, inner vitality and total wellness.

Thank you Leonard Drake for letting me try the new UltraCalming Barrier Defense Facial, and thank you Dermalogica for letting me try out your new UltraCalming range. Thank you Hazel for your invitation and it was nice meeting you that day! :)

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Leonard Drake and Dermalogica, Singapore. Review published here is based on my own experiences and opinions. I am not getting paid for sharing this review.

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