Sunday, January 23, 2011

Simple Review on CUSkin BB Cream and CUSkin Pure Whitening Cream

If you have been my reader since my previous blog, you would have read my reviews on CUSkin BB cream and other CUSkin products. Wendy from CUSkin contacted me some time back and asked if I would like to share my reviews on CUSkin BB cream (again) and CUSkin Pure Whitening cream on my site. I have been a fan of CUSkin BB cream ever since I first used it and till today, I think the current tube that I'm using is already my third tube. I simply love it very much. ^_^

If you are interested in reading my previous reviews on CUSkin products, you may click here as I have exported the posts from my previous blog to this blog.

Information about CUSkin:
CUSkin is the best cosmeceutical corporation in Korea that develops and retails a cosmetic line for troubled skin based on clinical research for 9 years.

CUSkin stands for Clean Up Dermatology. It actually helps in skin improvement rather than simple skin care.

My first review is the CUSkin Pure Whitening Cream. I am only able to share the texture of this product and my thoughts about it since this sachet is not sufficient for use for a longer period to test its effectiveness.
CUSkin Pure Whitening Cream is suitable for sensitive, oily and even dry skin.

CUSkin Pure Whitening Cream is in a white cream form but it isn't very creamy at all. It is very lightweight and does not clog my pores or cause breakout on me.
From the photo above, you will be able to notice that this product is smooth and easy to spread on skin.

After spreading evenly on skin, skin looks glossy but not to worry, it gets absorbed into skin very fast and skin looks matte after that with no greasy or sticky feeling at all.

 After leaving on skin for about 1 minute, the glossy appearance is gone as the CUSkin Pure Whitening Cream got absorbed into skin. My skin feels smooth and moisturised after using CUSkin Pure Whitening Cream.

My next review is the CUSkin BB Cream. 
The colour of CUSkin BB Cream might look dark with pinkish tone when just squeezed out but after spreading evenly on my skin, the shade isn't dark at all. Instead, CUSkin BB Cream helps to brighten up my skin and give my skin the healthy look with its pinkish undertone, making my skin look more radiant. I will be sharing how this CUSkin BB Cream looks on my face.

The left side is my bare skin and the right side is with the CUSkin BB Cream on.

The photo on the left is my bare face and the photo on the right is with CUSkin BB Cream applied on.

As mentioned earlier, I am already on my third tube for this BB cream, so I hope to share my thoughts about this product through pros and cons.

Brighten up my skin and even out skin tone.
Natural look on my skin without looking too white.
Pinkish undertone give my skin a healthier look.
Nice gentle floral scent that's not too powering.
Easy to apply and spread evenly on face.
Does not clog pores.
Gentle on skin, even for sensitive skin.
Red marks on my face look less obvious with CUSkin BB Cream on but it isn't a concealer afterall, so it does not give perfect coverage.
I have dry cheeks but I am glad that CUSkin BB Cream did not make my cheeks excrete more oil.

I have oily T-zone and my T-zone shine slightly after about 3 hours, so I guess this BB cream isn't mattifying enough for oily skin.
The results for wrinkle care and whitening effects aren't significant enough. 

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Dione International and I am not getting paid for this. Reviews published here are based on my own experiences and opinions.

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