Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Review on Tony Moly Secret BB Cream

Ok! Today I'm going to share my review on Tony Moly Secret BB Cream.
This BB cream has a nice floral scent!
(I'm not able to share the ingredients as the words are in Korean).

Shade of this BB cream:
 The shade of this BB cream (straight from the tube) is darker than my skin colour but not to worry, the shade will turn lighter after it oxidises and the shade turned out to suit the shade of my skin. This BB cream has a slight pinkish undertone that helps to brighten up my skin and make my skin appear more radiant.

Texture of this BB cream:
As you can see from the photo above, the texture is creamy but it spreads easily on my skin.

After applying:
 After applying, there is a glossy look on my skin and it makes my skin feels slightly greasy and sticky.

Minutes later:
The BB cream got absorbed into my skin and most of the greasy, sticky feeling were gone. You can also apply some loose powder on face to get rid of the greasy, sticky feeling instantly. The coverage of this BB cream is quite good as it helps to even out my skin tone and brighten up the look of my skin. But if you have very red acne marks, this BB cream isn't able to conceal that.

Hope you enjoyed reading this review! :))

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Tony Moly, Singapore. Review published here is based on my own opinion.


  1. I like your link very much. Thanks for presenting nicely about your BB cream. I appreciate a lot.

  2. Thanks! I'm glad that you like this review! ^_^

  3. Is this suitable for oily face?.. I mean the natural oily face, but not soo much oily.. :\

  4. Slight oily skin is alright. It has mattifying effect. :)


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