Monday, December 27, 2010

Review on Ichikami Shampoo and Conditioner

I redeemed a sample of Ichikami Shampoo and Conditioner through The Sample Store
From The Sample Store, I realised that the name “Ichikami” came from the ancient Japanese proverb; 「一髪二姿」which means “Hair comes first, appearance comes second”. This haircare also does not contain any silicon, so it's safer for the scalp.

After trying these products, I would like to share my review about these.

Firstly, let me share how the products look like. 
The photos show the Shampoo and the Conditioner respectively.

My thoughts:
The Shampoo seems watery but it lathers really well. After using the Shampoo, I find that the Shampoo caused my hair to feel dry slightly, so using a conditioner after this Shampoo is a must. For the Conditioner, I like it very much. After using the Conditioner, my hair feels really soft and smooth. It also did not cause my hair to feel greasy after a whole day. I love the nice flowery, soothing scent that is said to be Sakura fragrance that's in both the Shampoo and Conditioner.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to The Sample Store or Ichikami, Singapore. Review published here is based on my own experiences and opinions. I am not getting paid for this.


  1. YEs I got one too but yet to try them! Hmmm sakura flowers! LOVE IT!

  2. This conditioner is really good, you gotta try them! I love the sakura scent lots! ^ ^


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