Thursday, December 16, 2010

Review on Bio-essence Bio Platinum BB Cream

Hi everyone, today's BB cream review is on Bio Platinum BB Cream. This BB cream is 10-in-1 instead of 8-in-1. Wow! More benefits!!! And I love the box packaging for this BB cream, really pretty! :))

Interested to know what are the 10 benefits of this BB cream?

Directions to use it: 
Let our Singapore blogshop model Beatrice show you the steps:
What are the efficacies of this product? : 
What are the ingredients used in this product? : 

 How does the opening of this BB cream look like?:

Now let me show you the shade and texture of this BB cream.
This has lesser pinkish undertone as compared to the Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream. And of course, different BB cream shade has different purpose and it is always good to try before purchasing to ensure that the shade suits your skin. In Bio-essence BB cream range, they have 3 different types of BB cream and Aqua BB Cream is for moisture, Bio Platinum BB cream for whitening, Bio Multi-effect BB Cream for Coverage.

Spreading out the BB cream. Did you realise that this BB cream has a fairer tone as compared to the Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream? Because this BB cream is suppose to help one to achieve a fairer, glowy skin.

After spreading out the BB cream evenly and let it oxidise, this is the shade that will result from using this BB cream. Skin brightened up from this.
And, same as the previous post, I will show you how this BB cream will look like on my face.

My bare face.

Applying the BB cream on my skin. (The shade you see on my face is after the BB cream oxidised.)

My thoughts:
The coverage of this is really quite good as well. I think this BB cream really brighten up my skin but it also make me look too fair and I'm slightly uncomfortable with the whiteness of my look. Never mind about that. This BB cream isn't very greasy and oil control wise is alright for me as my skin managed to stay shine-free for about 5 hours. And of course, this BB cream also has moisturising and SPF functions which are really convenient for users since we don't have to slap on so many stuffs on our face at one time. How great is that? 

By the way, you can also get to try out both Bio Platinum BB Cream and Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream to see which BB cream will suit your preference. Samples are complimentary with no obligations. Enjoy trying out these BB creams! ^_^
Here's a TVC on this BB cream:

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to The Sample Store and Bio-essence, Singapore. Review published here is based on my own experience and opinion. I am not getting paid for this.

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