Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Review on Simple Soothe Shower Cream

If you have read my reviews on Simple facial products, you would know that I really like using Simple products as I find that the products suit my skin really well, so this time, I decided to share my review on Simple's bodywash.

Simple Soothe Shower Cream is the one I am going to review about in this post.

Info about this product:


How the shower cream looks like:

My thoughts:
The first thing that attracts me when I initially use it is the refreshing, soothing scent of rosemary which perks me up every time I use it. This bodywash is suitable for people with sensitive skin as there is no artificial colouring or perfume added in it. This bodywash is not a very foamy. It only foams up slightly, so I tend to use quite a lot for each wash.
After using this, I can feel that my skin is moisturised and feels smoother but it's sad that the moisturising effect isn't long-lasting. Other than that, this bodywash would be good for daily use.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this review! :))

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Simple, Singapore. Review published here is based on my own experiences and opinions.

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